CPR Workshop with Clodagh Callaghan

On Wednesday afternoon, fifth and sixth class were very lucky to receive an overview on CPR, instructed by Clodagh Callaghan.

Clodagh brought with her two mannequins and a defibrillator machine.

We learned what to do if we come across an unconscious casualty or if someone near us collapses and stops breathing.

Firstly we remember the 3 C’s:

Check for response

Call for help

Chest compression


It is useful to sing the song ‘Nelly the elephant’ in your head as you administer the compressions. It is very important to keep the pace consistent and push down strong with straight arms, shoulders over your interlocked fingers.


We were also instructed how to use the defibrillator machine and to listen very carefully to the instructions given by it.

We are all so grateful to Clodagh Callaghan for taking the time to visit us and share these important life skills with us all. Thank you very much Clodagh!

We all feel much more confident now and would know what to do in case of emergency.