Science Club Week 2

Week 2 of “Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf’s Science Club” was a lemony success!!

Here is what we got up to under the watchful eye of Ms Hickey this week…

Science Club Week 2


Scientist of the Week: Erasmus Reinhold; calculated the first set of planetary tables “Tabulae Prutenicae”

Element of the Week: Osmium; a metal used in fountain pens and phonograph needles

Animal of the Week: Viperfish/ Fangfish; found in all deep oceans from depths of 250-5,000ft. Has a photophore and fangs, used to attract and impale prey.

Constellation of the Week: Lakota; Also known as The Hand Constellation. Named after a native american chief who had his arm torn off as a punishment by the gods.

Experiment of the Week: To explore oxidisation; 


For our experiment this week we wanted to experiment how heat can cause organic materials to oxidise (change colour due to loss of an electron).

Procedure: We mixed some freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and used a cotton bud to write a message with the mixture onto white paper. We chose to write secret messages to our friends. These messages were left to dry. At home we placed our hidden messages up to (but not touching) a lamp/lightbulb. The heat from the light source caused the hidden lemon juice/water mixture to oxidise and turn brown, revealing our messages. Some people chose to draw pictures to their friends instead of writing messages. Other people did both 🙂

 Until next week… 🙂