January 2019

Our topic for the month was food

In aistear we got a chance to dine in an italian restaurant and in art we made paper plate pizzas with our favourite toppings!!!

We learned about the food pyramid and healthy eating. The children designed their own smoothie recipes and made smoothies with our IT Student Chelsea

We really enjoyed making and drinking them!???

As part of our new class reward system the class were treated to popcorn and a movie ??????

We explored the effects of heating and Cooling by melting chocolate to make Rice Krispie buns and cooling them in the fridge!

We all took turns to add the chocolate and give it a stir but we were very careful not to touch the hot pan.

We added Rice Krispies to the melted chocolate and left them in the fridge to set!

We all had a nice treat ready to bring home at 2 o clock!!!