Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Extreme Weather. It is really interesting . We have learned about droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Ms. Golden showed us lots of amazing videos and fun facts on all types of Extreme Weather. Ms. Golden then gave us the task of researching into an Extreme Weather of our choice to do a project on. There were some great turn outs.

Experiment Time
After that we done an experiment to find out how much rain falls in our playground. The experiment was called “Which part of the yard is the wettest?”
This is what you have to do:

Our Rain Gauges
  1. Cut the top off a plastic bottle (around one third).
  2. Place the top upside down in the bottom part of the bottle and secure with tape.
  3. Make at least 3 of them and put them in different places on the yard.
  4. In a weeks time check them and see which bottle has the most water in it. Measure using a ruler.

Weather Tools
We also learned about different weather tools.
Thermometer: This measures temperature.
Anemometer: This measures wind speed.
Wind Vane: This measures wind direction.
Rain Gauge: This measures rainfall.

Did you know: A tornado is a rapid spinning tube of air that touches both ground and a cloud above.

Did you know: A drought is a very extreme heat wave.

Did you know: A blizzard is a long lasting snowstorm. Flooding can occur if the snow melts quickly.

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Seó Faisin

Bhíomar ag staidéar an téama “Éadaí” i rang a cúig. An tseachtain seo caite, rinneamar seó faisin. Bhíomar ag obair i mberiteanna agus labhraíomar as Gaeilge faoi na héadaí difriúl. Chaitheamar éadaí éagsúla mar shampla; bróga reatha, t-léinte clóite, scoirta geala, clúidíní agus geansaí peile. Shiúlamar síos an ‘cat-walk’.

Bhí spórt an tsaoil againn!

Tá Ben ag caitheamh spéaclaí gréine
Seo é Killian! Is maith liom a bróga. Nach bhfuil siad greannmhar 🙂
Caitheann Eoghan hata compordacha
Nach bhfuil a sciorta go deas?
Seo í Ella. Caitheann sí éadaí gleoite faiseanta!
Buachaillí ag caitheamh clúidíní 🙂
Rang a cúig

G’day Mates… Crikey! It’s January!!!

This month our theme is “Australia” . As usual we have the VIP table but we have four other names to match our theme they are : The Platypus group, The Kangaroo group , The Koala group and The Shark group.

The Platypus Group
The Shark Group
The Kangaroo Group
The Koala Group

We are learning all about the history of Australia and the aboriginal people. We are also doing Australian art , learning an Australian song and creating an Australian project using the school laptops. We have bamboo, some trees and other decorations all around our classroom to make it look like we are “Down Under” (Australia).

It’s feeling a little ‘jungle-like’in here!
Our door

Class News:

Every week for homework we have to research and create a news piece, which we then present to our class on Friday morning. There have been some excellent, imaginative presentations including television screens made from cardboard boxes, a microphone made from silver paper and toilet-roll holders and dioramas too!!!

Bottle Cap Mural:

To help the environment,we have decided to create another piece of artwork by recycling plastic bottle caps. This year our mural will be of the school name and logo. It will be on display next to the one last year’s fifth class made when it is finished. If you have any plastic bottle caps at home or work, we would appreciate if you could kindly bring them in to us. Thank you.

We are halfway there!! We aim to be finished by the end of the month! Wait until you see the finished masterpiece!

G.A.A and football is back!

Our school G.A.A training will begin again on Mondays and Thursdays with Mr Higgins and Ms Mulvaney. A five aside soccer tournament and mini-sevens matches will also happening in the coming weeks.

The Student Independent

As of this week Scoil Mhure agus Iosaf have our very own school news paper.This news paper will be called the student independent and will be available to read on the school website. There is a newspaper committee, with approximately 30 members from fifth and sixth class. Some of the features will include a sports section, a comic and joke section, as well as a science and technology section.

In February, our teacher Ms Hickey, will be going on maternity leave. We will have a new teacher joining us in fifth class. This teacher is … a surprise! You will have to come back to our blog in February to find out 🙂

Slan, Grazie, Dziekuje!

Pen pals!

Some of the letters we wrote

When we came back after Christmas break Ms. Golden told us that we were getting pen pals. We were so happy and excited to hear this. Our new pen pals are from Dublin and go to Holy Child N.S. There are 32 children in their class and because there are only 24 in ours some of us got two pen pals.

We got to see their school website and look at pictures. It’s fun to see work from other schools. Over the last two weeks we have been learning how to write informal letters, after practicing different ones we were finally able to write the first draft to our pen pals. When they were corrected we were given paper and we wrote our proper letters.

Such a fun way to learn about letter writing. We decorated them after to make them look nice. We can’t wait to get a reply from our new friends.

New Year Resolutions

Our New Years Eve firework display, using black paper and chalk.

When we came back from our Christmas holidays everyone did New Year resolutions. A few of them were to eat more healthy, stay fit, be helpful, be good, improve our writing, practice our reading and loads more. So we set one goal for school and one for outside of school. We did this as an English lesson and then brought it into our Art. We got black paper and chalk and used loads of different colours to create a New Years Eve fireworks display. Then we got these stars to write our resolutions on. We stuck them on to the sheet of black paper when they were finished. It was a very fun day that day.

Music Generation!

Since September we have been learning how to play the Bodhrán. We were soooo lucky with our teacher Junior Davey, he is AMAZING!!
He showed us lots of new skills and tricks.

The bodhrán is made of goat skin and timber. Every Wednesday from September to December Junior came in and we would play the bodhrán together. Every week we improved, and by the end of November we were ready to put music with our instruments.

Ms. Golden taught us the song “My Irish Molly O” in class and then we would sing it and play the bodhrán with Junior when he came in. He was so impressed with us. On his last day with us we did a class performance for Mr. Colreavy. We were sooo proud of ourselves.

We do have a recording of our performance but we just have to wait for a little update on the website before we can upload videos. Watch this space!

For now take a look at some pictures of us in action. We love Music Generation and can’t wait to start again soon.

Thanks for checking in, slán for now.

Did you know Junior is a World Champion of the Bodhrán!

Homeless Appeal in 5th Class

During December we were learning all about homelessness in SPHE and decided we wanted to do something to help those less fortunate in our community.

As a class we decided to create some hampers of food, clothing and other bits and bobs. Some of us also decided to make our own shoe-boxes for men, women and children.

Shoe boxes and hampers ready to be gifted to the local homeless shelters in Sligo. Just in time for Christmas!

We had been collecting items in our classroom for the month and are so grateful to all of our family and friends that have kindly donated to this cause.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated!

Ms Hickey dropped the hampers and boxes to the local homeless shelters in Sligo, Maryville and Shalomar, on the Friday afternoon before Christmas.

Jesus is the reason for the season!y

We would like to thank everyone who kindly donated to or homeless appeal.

You are very kind!


For the month of December, we have really enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit. To help contain our excitement we counted down the sleeps to Christmas with an advent calendar and a daily Christmas Countdown. Each morning one person in our class was chosen at random and got to open a door of our advent calendar. There was a different shaped eraser behind each door, they were all really cool!!!

Our table group names were changed to festive names. We had ‘The Presents’, ‘The Stars’, ‘The Candy Canes’ and ‘The Christmas Trees’. The VIP table did not change name but they had their very own Christmas tree on their table!

The Candy Cane Group
The Star Group
The Christmas Tree Group
The Gift Group
The VIP Christmas Tree 🙂

To add a bit of Christmas spirit to our class we decided to decorate our door like a Christmas tree. We each made green and brown paper chains, and some presents and with the help of Ms Hickey we created a lovely display…what do you think?

Our Christmas door

Our classroom was also decorated with lots of different lights, Christmas swags, baubles, bows, wreaths and a Christmas tree.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to seeing what Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf have in store for 2019!

Christmas Art Work

We spent a lot of time in December creating beautiful artwork to display in class and at home. Take a look at what we got up to.

Winter Scenes
This year we made winter scenes and they came out so cool. We blended dark blue, light blue, purple and pink together to create a night sky. We then painted Christmas trees and used our fingers to create snowflakes with white paint.

Christmas Mittens
We also made Christmas mittens. We drew our designs and then painted them. We let them dry and decorated them with pompoms and glitter and they came out very good.

Snow Globes
We made snow globes too. For this we had to bring in pictures of ourselves, the picture had to be about the size of your hand and Ms.Golden cut them out for us as they were a bit tricky. After we got lamination sheets and painted them with white paint to create snow, we stuck on our photo, added glitter, laminated them and they were finished. We can’t wait to hang them on our Christmas trees.

The perfect Christmas decoration.
Sock Snowmen we also made for Christmas.
You just need socks, rice/sand and string to make them.

Thanks for checking in, from all of us in third class we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019.