Sharky November in fifth class

We are having a ‘fin-tastic’ time in fifth class this November!

Our theme this month is ‘Sharks’ and we are studying sharks in great detail. Before becoming a teacher, Ms Hickey studied Marine Science and working around the world with sharks focusing on shark conservation.

We have a new door display and new groups names this month based on our theme. The five of them are as follows: V.I.P sharks, Great white sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Lemon sharks and Blue sharks. For art this week we created chalk pictures of hammerhead sharks, we have also written some ‘shark-tacular’ poems in English. (check out all of our pictures below).

Our teacher Ms.Hickey is restarting our Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf’s Science club on Wednesdays,  starting this week. Every child that chooses to attend should bring in 2.00 for our school science fund.  The time will be from 3:00pm -4:30pm each week.

Our school has been chosen for Junior NBA! We are all so excited and feel so lucky to be taking part. It is a basketball tournament run by the American NBA basketball league. We will be the team Utah Jazz and have our very own Utah Jazz jerseys! Our first training session yesterday 18/11/2018 and we will have three more training sessions left until the big match up in Dublin in December!

In fifth class we are creating another bottle cap mural so please try and recycle your bottle caps by bringing them into us. Blue and red if possible but any colour will be super! Thank you!

Bye for now!

Inside 5th Class

Welcome back to our 5th class blog!

We wanted to share some more information with you and give you a sneak peak into our classroom.

There are 28 of us in 5th class , 19 boys and 9 girls. We always strive to do our best and make our teacher, Ms Hickey proud.

Within our class we are seated in groups. our group names change each month according to our theme is “Spooky Halloween”. There are photos of our group names below. we hope you like them 🙂

The Pumpkin Group
The Candy Skull Group


The Zombie Group


The Witches Group

In our class we also have a V.I.P table. At this table there are cushions to sit on, a Spongebob Squarepants  tin full of pencils, erasers, pens and multi-coloured  white board markers and highlighters that look like nail-polish. Check out our V.I.P table in the photos below!

The V.I.P Group
Fluffy, soft pillows for the V.I.P group
Fun stationery at the V.I.P table 🙂

To be in with the a chance to sit at the V.I.P. table you must  have tickets in the draw. you earn tickets for good behaviour,  helping each other, being mannerly, working quietly and much more. Every Friday afternoon, Ms Hickey has a raffle and randomly selects four tickets. Those ticket holders become V.I.P.s the following week

We can also be rewarded with group tickets for working well in our groups and keeping our work spaces tidy. A second draw on Friday is for ‘Group Prizes.’ One ticket is selected and all the members of that group win a prize from the ‘Lucky Dip Bag.’

We will have so much more to share with you over the next few weeks, like exciting projects, marvelous Music Generation, fun football training and amazing artistic creations, so don’t forget to check back.

Catch you soon!

Slan, Grazie, Dziekuje 🙂

Welcome to our fifth class blog!

After a great, fun-filled summer break, we have settled back into school and are ready for an exciting year  ahead.

We hope you like our new school website and we feel very lucky to have our own fifth class blog section.

Over the course of this school year we will be updating our blog once a week. We will be sharing information, news, images and upcoming events with you, about our class, school and local community.

Check in again soon for more posts and make sure to spread the word.

Catch you soon,
Slán, Grazie, Dziekuje 🙂