Paper Weaving

We learned how to weave using strips of coloured paper.We used our maths skills to create perfectly measured strips that easily slipped into each other and eventually we made a really cool pattern that looks amazing.

We are delighted with how they turned out in the end and we hope we do more stuff like this in the future!

World Book Day

On the 7th of March our school celebrated World Book Day!!!

Students in the school were allowed to dress up as their favourite character from their favourite books. The children in our class who dressed up were:

  • Eirnn as Alice from Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Martyna as Alice Deane from The Spooks Battle by Joseph Delaney
  • Aaron as Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Alianna as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
  • Jack as Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier from IT

Robert brought in two of his favourite books, Birthday Boy by David Baddiel and The Ice Monster by David Walliams.

We also listened to audio books, wrote book reviews and drew our favourite character from our favourite book.

STEM Projects

In January we started our very own STEM projects. We’ve recently bought a STEM box with tons of interesting projects. We could decide on any project we wanted, from any category such as Plant and Animal Life, Human Life, Materials and Change and Energy and Forces. We had really cool experiments: breaking down soil, periscopes, making plastic, electric cars, lava lamps, catapults and boats. We’re starting some really amazing new experiments soon, but we’re not going to show you yet, so stay tuned for more spectacular experiments!!

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Friendship Keys

At our first assembly the principal, Mr Colreavy, asked that each pupil in the school to design our own friendship keys. All of the students got a template of a key and designed it their own way. Each design is unique and brilliant. The keys have words and/or sentences on how to be a good friend. The keys have the person’s name on it and is coloured nicely. All of the keys are hung up around the school building and the staff room. We are very proud of our work.

Eye of the Dragon

Eyes looking at you!

Drawing eyes in art can be quite challenging and tricky.  We were asked to draw an ‘Eye of a Dragon’.  At first it was quite daunting but by following the steps outlined by our teacher Miss. Dolan we had them drawn in no time!

Our eyes are watching you!

We had to fill the page around the eye with the scales and thick skin. To highlight the volume and thickness we used our shading techniques.  We chose colours from the Primary and Secondary wheel to compliment the dragon eye.

They’re really quite intimidating!

We hope you like our dragon eyes.  We look forward to doing this type of art again soon!



Our new Student Council Reps

On Friday, 12th October, 6th class held the 2018-2019 Student Council Election.  Five candidates put themselves forward to represent our class in the council. The five students were:  Róisín H, Eirnn, Alianna, Daire and Jack C.

They all presented their proposals in a very professional manner, spoke clearly and they came across very confident.  This made the voting quite a challenge as we feel they could all represent our class on the council.

It was a close call in the end when our teacher revealed the winners.

Alianna and Jack, our new Student council Reps

They are Alianna  and Jack.  Congratulations to you both and we are looking forward to hearing what the future holds in the new Student Council.

Native Americans and Totem Poles

Our project work on Native Americans

We learned all about Native Americans in History and we found they lived very interesting, different and tough lives.  They were the first settlers that arrived in North America.  If you stand at the display outside our classroom you will read lots of interesting facts and see some colourful imagery that we used in our projects.

Look at our colourful Totem Poles!

As part of this topic Miss Dolan did an art lesson where we designed a piece of our own totem poles.  These were used by the Native Americans to show a tribes family’s history.  They carved their poles out of wood!! We didn’t go that far. We drew our own piece and then painted them in using acrylic paint on white card. We think they turned out rather well.  Take a look at the display in the photo attached.

Autumnal Acrylics


Our autumnal trees

We had great fun in our Art lesson recreating autumnal trees inspired by a Canadian artist, Melissa Mc Kinnon.   We experienced working with acrylic paint on textured paper.  We used the primary colours with black and white to create colourful autumn scenes.  We are very proud of our work and we hope you like them too!


We love Technology

We love using these in class

Last year our school bought ten new laptops, that are used for projects and a fun computer coding system called Scratch. The laptops are also used for creating PowerPoints, which we love doing!

We also bought monitors that we use in every classroom. The monitors are a great help for the teachers as they are touchscreen and can be hooked up to your computer as well as being clear and easy for the students to see.