Sports day 🥳

The rain didn’t stop the fun at our Sports Day on Wednesday. We had a GREAT time and the ice-cream van was such a lovely surprise at the end of the day. 🍦

Titanic 🚢

Aaron is really interested in the Titanic. He has been reading books, watching documentaries and researching information online. He has recently been building his own ship out of junk art materials at home. Unfortunately it was too big to bring into school, but he took a photo of it to bring in and show his class. It is just FANTASTIC! ⭐️

Narrative Writing 📝

We studied the genre of Narrative Writing a couple of months ago. We followed the writing process: plan, write, revise, edit, publish. All of our stories are now in one book in our library. It is a class favourite to read. 📚


We have been learning all about transport this month. For science we were given the task to design and build a bridge that could hold a toy car. Each group was successful. 👏🏻

Spring Picnic 🌸

We have been reading ‘Spring Picnic Planning’ in English over the last two weeks. It taught us lots of new and healthy recipes to make for a picnic. Today we all brought in healthy snacks and went outside to have our own picnic in school. The weather didn’t stop us and we managed to get out in between showers. It was SO much fun!