Happy New Year 🎊🎉

Happy New Year from all in First Class.
We are so happy to be back in school. Yesterday we discussed the holidays and set goals for 2022. Our main goal as a class is to be active this year. To compliment our resolutions we created a firework display using chalk. We are so happy with how they turned out. Hopefully we can stick to them now!

December in First Class ⛄️ 🎄

December is always a busy month in school, with lots of excitment building for Christmas. We still managed to get a lot of work covered this month though, take a look below.

Hot Chocolate Art 🍫 – using paint and marshmallows.

Winter Scenes ❄️ created by our talented First Class students. ❄️

Snow Globe tree decorationswhat a lovely keepsake. 🎄

Maths 📏
For maths this month, our favourite topics were 3-D shapes and Length.

Elf Antics
Meet our class Elf – Fudge. He arrived early December and has been making us laugh every day. He even brought the boys and girls a special certificate to let them know they are on the Nice List!

Christmas Displays 🎅🏼

We have been learning all about Advent this month. We each made an advent promise and also a whole class advent calandar with a fun activity to complete each day. We have really enjoyed this.

S.E.S.E.Aurora Borealis
For geography this month we were learning about Lapland. Do you know the special person who lives there? We loved this topic, and particularly enjoyed learning about the Aurora Borealis. We incorporated this into our artwork and created our own using black paper and chalk.

GaeilgeLitir chuig Daidí na Nollag 📝
We are getting so good at our Gaeilge in First Class. We practiced using our new words by writing a letter to Santa. We are so proud of how they turned out.

Class Rewards
For decmeber we have been counting down the days until Christmas. We add a puff of white to Santa’s beard each day to help us.
We have also been collecting marshmallows to have a class hot chocolate party!

November in First Class

Another busy month in Rang a Haon, with lots of laughter and learning. Take a look at what we have been up to.

Visual Arts 🎨
We created some beautiful artwork this month. At the beginning of November we were exploring colour and colour mixing. We really enjoyed this strand and created these fantastic colour wheel eyes at the end.

In Science we were learning about Owls. We also read Martin Waddell’s ‘Owl Babies’. We took inspiration from his story to create our own owl babies with a printing teqnique using pom poms and clothes pegs.

Houses and Homes were our overall theme for this month so we also incroporated this into our artwork. We used junk materials from home like cereal boxes, milk cartons, empty toilet rolls etc. to design and make our own houses. We are so happy with how they turned out.

Maths Stations 🧮
We have been doing literacy stations since September but this month we started doing maths stations twice a week too. WE LOVE THEM! In the pictures below we are working on some different math topics; addition, subtraction money and odd and even numbers. Our favourite station is the iPad one.

Phonics 📝
We have been working so hard on our phonics this month. Our phonics diaries are really helping us remember our sounds.

Active Flag
Our school is currently trying to earn our Active Flag. As well as our weekly P.E. activities we are trying to be active as much as possible within the classroom. We are really enjoying the Go Noodle dances and our class brain breaks.

World Kindness Day
For World Kindness Day we discussed the different ways in which we can make someone’s day a little better. We are all trying our best to be the ‘I’ in kind.

October in First Class

Witches Cauldrons
In art this month we have been experimenting with clay. We created clay hedgehogs at the beginning of the month and for the last two weeks we have been working on these cauldrons. Evil witches fell into them while making their spells.

S.E.S.E. – India
For Geography this month have been learning about the Country India. We found out lots of new things about this country and made Holiday Brochures so that other people can learn about it too. Take a look at some of them below. We particularly enjoyed learning about Diwali – the festival of light which is celebrated in India each year.

S.E.S.E. – Hedgehogs
For Science we were learning about Hedgehogs. We incorporated this into our English by writing reports on them and creating clay hedgehogs in Art.

Gaeilge – Oíche Shamhna
In Irish we have been learning about Halloween. Last week we drew ourselves dressed up in different costumes.
To say this in Irish we wrote: Tá mé gleasta mar ______.

We are really improving our GAA skills in our lessons with Pat.

September in Rang a Haon

It has been a busy month in First Class. We have been learning lots and working very hard for our teacher. Take a look at some of the things we have been getting up to below. Make sure to check in each month for an update.

Welcome to our classroom.

We are so lucky to have Pat Kilcoyne coming into us each week for GAA skills. We are really enjoying the lessons.

Literacy Stations
We have been doing lots of work in literacy this month. We do stations twice a week where we work on different topics like; reading, phonics, handwriting, dictation, grammar, oral language and spellings.

Science – The Five Senses
For science this month we have been learning about the five senses. We have done a lot of work on this topic. We went on a senses walk around our school and recorded different things we could see, hear, smell and touch. We also completed two experiments usings our sense of touch and smell.

For the experiement using our sense of touch we had to feel random items without looking at them and guess what they were. We then put on gloves and touched the same items again to see if wearing a glove changed the way we felt them.

We have been trying out different ways to add two and three numbers together. (Using our number lines, our fingers and counting in our heads). We are getting so much quicker at this now. Last week we moved onto 2D shapes. We had a shape hunt around the classroom and school yards. We have also been playing lots of games to help us remember the names of the shapes.

We completed our self portraits at the beginning of September. They are now framed for any visitors to see when they enter our room.