Traffic tally

In 2nd Class A, we have been learning about data. We decided to carry out a survey to find out the amount of traffic on the road outside our school. We recorded our results using a tally chart. On a cold and frosty morning, we had great fun counting all the vehicles that passed our gate. We discovered that cars were the most popular type of vehicle!



In Science, we learnt about sundials and how people used them in the past to tell the time. On a sunny day we tested out our sundials in the school playground. We learnt that when we faced north, the shadow cast by the pencil could tell us the time! Here we are carrying out the experiment.

Making butter!

In History, we have been learning about farming in the past. We learnt that farmers made butter by hand by pouring the cream from the milk into a churn. We decided to have a go ourselves using a plastic container and a lot of muscle strength! It was a team effort and we had so much fun! It tasted delicious!