Who needs paint trays anyway?

This week’s art lesson with our student teacher, Ms Golden was a circus themed paint lesson!

Each of the children painted their own clown character using a variety of colours and achieved different tones and shades by mixing their colours with white and black. When the paintings were dry, the clowns were very carefully cut out and paste onto a bright, colourful A3 page. For the finishing touch, each pupil added some wool as hair 🙂

Deciding to do things a little different, we decided not to use paint trays, newspaper or paper plates minimising the amount of water and waste after the lesson. Instead, the paint was carefully applied directly onto the tables.

What a shock to the pupils!!! They thought the teacher’s were crazy blobbing paint directly onto the clean desks.

They really enjoyed this alternative to trays and plates and overall it worked out much better and was surprisingly very easy and quick to clean up, with very little mess!


After learning about Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit descended in the form of wind and tongues of fire to the disciples, we decided to create our own pieces of art to decorate ‘Our Altar’ in our classroom.

We used black card as the background and pasted a template of a dove in the centre. We then used orange, red and yellow coloured chalk to create our tongues of fire emerging from the dove. To soften the chalk markings we blended them together using our fingertips, this gave a lovely soft, more realistic look to our flames.

This year Pentecost Sunday will be on Sunday, 23 May.

We hope you like them 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day Door Display

To bring a bit of festivity, colour and luck to our door and classroom, we decided to create a leprechaun’s pot of gold and rainbow door display.

As part of our art lesson we created rainbow paper chains. Each pod was assigned a different colour and we then worked to create the longest chain we could.

It was so much fun to stretch out our paper chains. They were the length of our classroom!! Wow!!

We hope you like our door 🙂

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh

Mother’s Day Art

To surprise our wonderful Mummies for Mother’s Day, we created beautiful bouquets from coloured card. We used crayons, markers and pencils to colour in our flowers before pasting them to our green bouquets.

In English class we had written a lovely poem about our special Mothers and pasted it inside a handmade and decorated card.

Our Mummies had a lovely day and loved their surprises.

World Book Day 2021

On Thursday, 4 March it was World Book Day!

We all dressed up as a character from our favourite book and had a ‘Show and Tell’ in class. It was great fun!

We had all sorts of characters in our class from Demon Dentist, Harry Potter, Lionel Messi, to Little Red Riding hood. Ms Hickey dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

We discussed our favourite books and authors and why we love reading.

Later in the day we designed our own covers for our favourite books.

World Wildlife Day 2021

On Wednesday, 3 March we celebrated World Wildlife Day 2021.

The theme this year was “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”.

Second class brainstormed what threats our global forests, forest species and ecosystems might be facing before exploring and investigating for themselves.

We were shocked to learn that per minute, an area the size of approximately 50 football fields are cut down! We also learned that since 1960 (in the last 61 years) half of the world’s tropical forests have been eliminated.

Later in the afternoon we learned all about sharks and how they are vital to a healthy, balanced ocean. Our teacher Ms Hickey, before becoming a teacher, was a marine biologist and worked with sharks. She showed us a set of jaws from a sandbar shark that she had collected on a trip to Natal Sharks Board in Durban, South Africa.

We also saw and felt some staghorn and brain coral from Indonesia.

Although sharks may look scary and intimidating with all of their teeth, we discovered they really are misunderstood and need protection against shark finning, illegal fishing, by-catch and trophy hunting.

Before school ended Ms Hickey had a surprise for us. We adopted a hammerhead shark from the World Wildlife Fund and received an adoption certificate, an information card, a photograph and a teddy. We have yet to name our 2nd Class mascot teddy 🙂