School Tour 2022

2nd Class had a brilliant school tour to Eagles Flying. It was great fun going on a bus with all our friends! We watched a fantastic bird show and enjoyed holding all the animals in the petting zoo.

World Bee Day

On Friday 20th May, we celebrated World Bee Day. We watched a video all about bees and learnt that we have 97 species of bee in Ireland and one species of honeybee. We drew our own bees and printed a beautiful background for them using bubble wrap.


In SESE this month we have been learning all about water. In Science, our teacher gave us the challenge of designing a sailboat to investigate how forces act on objects. We looked at different ways boats can be powered- wind, humans and engines. It was then time to start designing and building. We had great fun coming up with our own designs for our sailboats. Finally the fun part- testing out our boats! We tried out different ways to make our boats move on the water- pushing, pulling and blowing the boats. We really enjoyed this investigation and all our boats floated and sailed successfully!

Exploring angles

This month in Maths we have been learning about angles. We went on a hunt around our classroom to look for big and small angles. We had great fun working in pairs to make right angles using our bodies!

Woodies budding gardeners!

This term, we are very excited to take part in the Woodies budding gardeners competition. We received booklets from Woodies with a different gardening challenge for each month. Our first two tasks were to plant a Dahlia bulb and some lettuce seeds. We had great fun completing these challenges and are taking great care of our plants by watering them each day. After our break for St. Patrick’s day, we noticed our lettuce seeds had already started to grow! Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a tasty salad very soon!

St. Brigid’s day

On 1st February, we celebrated St. Brigid’s day. We worked with a partner to make a St. Brigid’s cross from paper. We really enjoyed this challenge and were delighted with our completed crosses.