Interview with Mrs. Muldoon

Reporter: How many years have you been teaching?
Mrs Muldoon: 18 years.
Reporter: What is your favourite subject to teach?
Mrs Muldoon: Maths
Reporter: What is your favourite memory this year?
Mrs Muldoon: The school tour.
Reporter: Have you enjoyed teaching 6th Class?
Mrs Muldoon: Yes I did – loved every minute.
Reporter: Are you looking forward to teaching 3rd class next year?
Mrs Muldoon: Can’t wait…

By Lucas Karki and Ella Doherty.

Interview with Mr. O’Meara

Reporter: How many years have you been teaching?
Mr O’Meara: 23 years.
Reporter: What is your favourite subject to teach?
Mr O’Meara: English.
Reporter: What is your favourite memory this year?
Mr O’Meara: Picking our tulips
Reporter: Have you enjoyed teaching 1st Class?
Mr O’Meara: I loved it. We worked hard and had lots of fun.
Reporter: Are you looking forward to teaching 6th class next year?
Mr O’Meara: I can’t wait. They are a great group.

by Lucas Karki and Ella Doherty.

Interview with Jessie Whitehead

Ella Doherty
Who or what influenced your love of music?
I started music lessons when I was really young in Sligo. There was a woman called Niamh Crowley and she was a very good violinist.
What instrument do you play?
The violin, the piano, the guitar and I sing.
What type of music do you like to play?
I like to play traditional Irish music, classical, folk, soul and jazz.
Did your parents listen to/ play music when you were growing up?
Yes My Dad plays guitar. When I started singing and writing songs my Dad did the same. My Mum plays the flute.
Are you a member of a band or a group?
I play violin with the Sligo Baroque Orchestra. I play music with lots of people around Sligo.
Who is your favourite well known musician / band?
One of my favourite musicians is Seamie O’ Dowd, Yelba.
Do you like musicals and do you watch them often?
No I don’t see them that often. My brother Matthew acts in a lot of musicals.
What is your favourite piece of music /song
A: to listen to
B: to play
May you never by John Martyn
Bed I made by Allen Stone.
Do you enjoy playing for big groups or do you prefer small gatherings?
Big audiences are more exciting but small groups can have a nice feel and can be just as enjoyable.
Finally, what can you say has been you best memory / moment so far in your musical career?
I got to play in Germany for a month touring all around the country. I got to travel and play at the same time.

Interview with Mr. Higgins

Q: Did you like teaching this class this year?
A: Yes, I did.
Q: Would you teach this class again? Why/ Why not?
A: Yes- they’re very well behaved and great fun.
Q: What is your favourite subject to teach? Why?
A: P.E. – I love being outdoors and active.
Q: If you could add a subject to the primary school curriculum that wasn’t there before, what would it be? Why?
A: Woodwork because I really enjoyed it when I was in secondary school and you could teach some good practical things.
Q: What moment stood out to you this year?
A: School tour- all children were so well-behaved and had great fun.
Q: What was your favourite thing that happened this year? Explain why.
A: Doing well in the Cumann Na mBunscol because all the boys put in great effort and it meant a lot to them.

By Aaron Daly and Lee Stead

Interview with 4th Class Pupils

Q: Do you think Mr. Higgins was a good teacher? Why/ Why not?
A: Yes because he is good fun and has the craic.
Q: Would you like him to teach you again?
A: Yes.
Q: What was your favourite activity that Mr. Higgins did with you?
A: P.E.
Q: How do you feel about going into 5th Class?
A: Don’t really mind.
Q: Did you like being in 4th Class?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you miss school while you’re on summer holidays?
A: NO! Because school is boring.

By Aaron Daly and Lee Stead

5th Class Teacher Questionnaire

Q. What did you think when you first came?
A. I was very excited to work in such a good school and really looking forward to working with 5th.
Q. Did you like teaching 5th this year?
A. I did! They are an excellent class with loads of potential
Q. who is your favourite pupil?
A. All of them
Q. Would you like to teach 5th again?
A. I would, I like teaching senior classes and I enjoy working with 5th class.
Q. Did you ever mix up a pupils name before and was it embarrassing?
A. I can’t remember.

By Niall Quigley and Kai Fagan

Interview with Senior Infants

What was your favourite thing you have done all year? Aistear (with is different things at each table for example there could be art at one table and Ipads at another and every so often you switch tables)
What is your favourite activity to do throughout the day? We really enjoyed maths and really any activity that is given to us!!
Did you prefer Junior or Senior Infants? Everyone preferred Senior Infants mainly because of the new people.
Did you prefer the Senior or junior school? We preferred the Senior school because it is bigger and there is more yard space.
Are you looking forward to having a new teacher for the first time ever? Some of them are very excited and some not so much because they all love their teacher Mrs Gallagher.
Will you miss 6th class next year when they are in secondary school? Yes because they have set the most amazing example for all of us.
Are you nervous for 1st class? Yes but knowing we have such a good teacher next year helps!!
Have you done a lot of work this year? Yes and junk art and news have been really fun to do
Have you met a lot of new friends this year? Yes and not just from their class but from lots of different classes
Have you enjoyed Senior Infants? Yes 100%!!!!
By Alianna Taheny and Roisin Hanratty

Interview with Ms. Gallagher

Do you think the Senior Infants have come on a lot this year? Yes, they have been working very hard all year!!
In your opinion do you think Senior Infants are ready for 1st class? Definitely they will be the best 1st class ever!!
Have you seen a change in the Senior Infants comparing to last year? They have grown up so much!!
Do you prefer teaching in the Junior or Senior school? I like both! I was a long time in the junior school, so it is hard to say, I have not been teaching long in the senior school.
Is Senior Infants an easy class to teach/handle? You need plenty of patience and a loud voice!!
Is being vice principal a big responsibility? Yes, but I really enjoy it!!
Have you always dreamed of becoming a teacher? I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was in primary school myself
What is your favourite subject to teach? P.E. and Aistear because they are fun and enjoyable!!
Have you always taught the younger classes? No when I stated teaching I had 5th and 6th classes.
Have you enjoyed teaching Senior Infants this year? Yes, they have been a great class to teach!!

By Alianna Taheny and Roisin Hanratty

3rd Class Interview with Ms. Golden

Did your class put in a lot of effort collecting the Aldi stickers?
They put in so much effort! Not only with collecting the stickers but actually sticking them on to the posters.1,200 stickers takes up a lot of time.

Did you enjoy teaching this class and would you teach them again?
I loved teaching 3rd class. I was lucky enough to teach them for a while in senior infants and first too. I will miss them all so much this year.

Do you think the student council reps in your class did a good job this year?
Leon and Alex did a great job this year. They came up with some really great ideas for the school and listened to their class mates.
Give a brief recap of the year.

This year has been so much fun. We have been learning about so many different things, from fractions to weaving, letter writing to orienteering. We have been lucky enough to visit Markree castle, learned to play the bodhrán, write to our penpals in Dublin, get a school pet, go on a forest trail for orienteering, participate in games, enter competitions, complete projects and write for our school blog. We even got a student teacher for a while. It has been a busy but great year.

By Roisin Mooney