2nd Class Recap Questionnaire

What projects have you done this year?
Project on Kenya, jersey day, shoebox appeal ,grandparents day, first holy communion, project on space, world book day ,pen pal letters, looking after turtles, fireman came in, no electricity day and the water cycle.
How was the communion and confession?
First confession was 20th of March in Collooney with Balinacarrow school. It went really well. First Holy Communion was 4th of May in Collooney. It was a fantastic day. All the boys and girls did very well and did themselves proud.
Can u give a recap of what you did this year?
First confession, First Holy Communion, pen pal letters, shoebox appeal, Readathon, Grandparents day, odd socks day, no electricity day fire man visit Easter egg hunt and scientist visit.
Best class!

By Amber

Swedish Self-charging Roads

The world’s first self-charging electric rail has been implemented into a Swedish road.
The electric rail, about 2km (1.2 miles) long has been embedded in a public road near Stockholm.
Sweden’s target of independence from fossil fuels by 2030 requires a 70% reduction in the transport sector.
The technology behind the electrification of the road linking Stockholm Arlanda airport to a logistics site outside the capital city aims to solve the thorny problems of keeping electric vehicles charged, and make the manufacture of their batteries affordable.
Energy is transferred from 2 tracks of rail in the road via a moveable arm attached to the bottom of the vehicle. The design is not dissimilar to that of a Scalextric track, although if the vehicle should overtake, the arm is automatically disconnected.
The electrified is divided into 50m sections, with an individual section powered only when a vehicle is above it.
In Sweden there roughly are half a million kilometres of roadway, of which 20,000km are highways. “If we electrify 2000km of roads that will definitely be enough” Sall said. “The distance between 2 highways is never more than 45km and electric cars can already drive that distance without
needing to be recharged. Some believe it will be enough to
electrify 500km”

By Aaron Daly & Marty Daskalov

Sligo Engineering Fair by Ella Doherty

Sligo Engineering Fair 2019              16/2/19

For engineering week the IT Sligo hosted an engineering fair on Sunday 3rd March 2019 it was the first Engineering Fair at IT Sligo and it was a  great day out for all the family – children and adults!  Between 12 -5pm there was a range of performances, interactive displays, workshops and demonstrations for all to enjoy. Here are some of the things there:

Dr Megaphone went through three hundred years of scientific and engineering history throughout Ireland. 

Niamh Shaw  is on a mission to get to Space and in her own unique way explored what happens to us when we allow ourselves to pursue our childhood dreams. This inspirational Irish engineer told her story, sharing the highs and lows of the journey so far, with videos of her recent adventures on the simulated Mars mission and her work with the European Space Agency.

There was even an iconic Delorian car on display in front of the IT aswell!

Electric Cars by Lucas Karki

When driven, BEVs don’t produce tailpipe pollution—they don’t even have a tailpipe. However, the electricity they use may produce heat-trapping gases and other pollution at the source of its generation or in the extraction of fossil fuels. The amount of pollution produced depends on how the electricity is made. In the United States, battery electric cars charged off the dirtiest coal-dominated grid still produce less pollution than their gasoline-powered counterparts. BEVs powered by renewable energy sources like wind or solar are virtually emission-free.

Charging at home is the convenient and cost-effective way to keep your car fully charged. Charging an electric car at home costs about £3.64 for a full charge. Average overnight electricity rate is 13p per kWh. Fully charging a 30kWh Nissan LEAF will cost about £3.64 and give you about 115 miles of range.

On the other hand, electric vehicle charging costs +

are not nearly as clear. Some EV charging stations require payment by the hour, dispensing however much energy the car can take during that time. There are charging stations that use a per session fee. … And a bunch of charging stations are free.

The Bottom Line On Electric Cars: They’re Cheaper To Own. The price of electric vehicles is coming down, but they still look expensive compared with many gasoline-powered cars. That comparison, though, is misleading. … Thus, keeping an electric car running costs less when compared to conventional automobiles.

Plug-in electric vehicles (also known as electric cars or EVs) can save you money, with much lower fuel costs on average than conventional gasoline vehicles. … Electricity is less expensive than gasoline and EVs are more efficient than gasoline vehicles.                                            

Sports in School by Róisín Mooney

Girls soccer

The girls ‘soccer teams one and two played three matches each in the showgrounds. Team one drew two matches and lost one while team two lost two matches and won one. Their coaches are Mr.Taheny  and Neil McKenna. There is no word of any more matches but Mr.Tahney hopes to have more later on in the year.

Girls mini sevens

The selected girls ‘mini sevens team played four matches in Screen. They drew their first match, won their second and third. Their fourth match was the play offs against Ballisodare and they lost. Ms.Mulvaney was very pleased with how her team played and the girls are training hard for the Cuman na Bunscoil in six weeks.

GAA Amigos Pat Kilcoyne did a skills competition with sixth class. The top four from the boys and the same from the girls went on to compete at Summerhill College Sligo against other schools. They were challenged with soloing, passing and shooting on both feet. The boys came in second place and so did the girls.

Student Independent Headlines by Alianna Taheny Róisín Hanratty

Student Independent

Did you hear about the big news in Collooney! A man actually crashed a truck into the Collooney Roundabout. Not many people know how this happened but we are here to tell you. Collooney Roundabout in Sligo was closed due to a truck overturned on the road. The truck-driver was rushed to hospital but his injuries weren’t too bad. The emergency services were at the scene such as fire services and also many ambulances. There was traffic!

Scary Story competition winner Adam Taheny

Scary Story

One day Tom went up to Mars on his rocket ship. When he arrived Darth Vader, Voldemort and loads of other evil characters were up there. Tom was so frightened, so he tried to escape but the evil characters pulled the rocket down.

Darth Vader choked him but Tom managed to wriggle out. Then Voldemort started to do evil magic on Tom. He surely couldn’t escape now until Superman came, he swooped down lifted up Tom and flew away. Tom and Superman stopped off at the sun, the killer clown was there. He was about to stab Tom then Tom woke up and it was all a dream.

Interview with David McEvoy by Ella Doherty

The Hawk’s Well Theatre      16/2/19

The Hawk’s Well Theatre holds many shows and concerts throughout the year.

Here is an interview with David McEvoy the Musical Director and Chorus Master of Sligo Musical Society, who has just finished a successful run of Oklahoma! in the Hawk’s Well.

Reporter: Where you interested in music when you were young?

David: Yes I was very interested in music from a very young age.

Reporter: What really inspired your love of music and stage?

David: I always liked watching movie musicals and my Mum sent me to piano lessons when I was 6.

Reporter: What was the first instrument you learned to play?

David: The piano.

Reporter: Can you remember what your first musical was?

David: Oliver, I was one of the workhouse boys in Fagan’s gang.

Reporter: Did your parents influence your love of music?

David: Yes they did. Both parents have been involved with amateur drama and theatre all their lives.

Reporter: What is the best musical you have ever seen on stage?

David: That’s a difficult one, they are all brilliant but different, probably “Beauty and the Beast”.

Reporter: In your opinion who is/was the greatest musical performer?

David: I think Hugh Jackman is really good and Sutton Foster.

Reporter: As well as Sligo Musical Society you have been asked to direct and perform in musicals elsewhere, can you elaborate on this please?

David: I work with lots of schools. I played the piano for the musical in Lough Allen College in November, I did Coola in January. I conducted the band with Ballyshannon Musical Society for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Reporter: Did you enjoy taking part in Oklahoma!?

David: It was amazing!! We had great fun – Lots of hard work but good fun!

Reporter: Have you got any more musicals or shows coming up this year that you are taking part in? 

 David: Well, I am playing piano for the Sound of Music in St. Attracta’s School in Tubbercurry at the end of March.

Rosa Parks by Niall Quigley


Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, on February 4th1913. She was educated in a school that had only one room. Her mother was a teacher and her father, was a carpenter. She had a little brother called Sylvester. After her parents separated Rosa and Sylvester moved with their mother to Alabama city.

On the 1st of December 1955 after a long day of work, Rosa boarded a bus home and took a seat. At the time in Montgomery, seats at the front of the buses were reserved for white passengers and the seats at the back were for the black passengers. The bus quickly filled up and when a white man boarded the driver told an African American passenger to give up their seat for him. Whilst the other black passengers obeyed, Rosa did not. The result Rosa was arrested by the police and fined for breaking segregation laws. But Rosa refused to pay, and argued that it was the law that was wrong, not her behaviour. Now because Rosa argued about her rights. Today we can all use public facilities without being separated and have equal rights for everyone. Rosa died of natural causes on 24th October 2005 at the age of 92.