Parents Association

Our mission is to support and encourage all parents to be involved in our children’s  educational lives, to be the parents’ voice, working with the principal, staff and wider school community for the benefit of all the children in our school. As parents we carry out fundraising activities, which are designed to help with the cost of purchasing school resources.

The PA meet once a month to share ideas, discuss concerns and to organise these fundraising events. We invite all parents to attend the meetings or to donate a little of your time to a fundraising event. It is important to understand that parents of children in our school are automatically members of the Parents Association.


Chairperson:Elaine Finn
Secretary:Kathy Stewart
Treasurer:Stacey Conlon
Parents Council Contact:TBC

Class Representatives

Crann Darach: TBC
Junior Infants:
Senior Infants:
First Class :
Second Class:
Third Class :
Fourth Class A:
Fourth Class B:
Fifth Class:
Sixth Class: