New Pupil Info



School uniform is available from Jako Sports, Markievicz Road, Sligo and consists of navy tracksuit bottoms, red crested polo shirt , red crested sweatshirt. It is extremely helpful to have your child’s initials printed on the sweatshirt for quick and easy identification. This can be done in Jako at the time of purchase for a small fee. If your child requires an adult size the uniform will be slightly more expensive. Jumpers and polo shirts can be crested while you wait. Uniform is the same for boys and girls but the girls may wear a navy skirt instead of tracksuit bottoms if they wish. We ask that haircuts are kept neat and long hair is neatly tied back.

Book Rental

We have run a book rental scheme for many years and pupils are only charged for books that are written in e.g. workbooks, copies and any stationary such as ring binders, folders etc. There is a nominal fee charged per rental book. All books are purchased by the school and distributed to pupils in September. Invoices will issue to parents in June and we would appreciate if these can be settled as soon as possible. Pupils (1 st -6th ) will need just a pencil case and school bag on the first day. Junior Infant pupils don’t require pencils or crayons etc as all will be provided in school. Please ensure schoolbag for infants is a sufficient size to fit lunchbox an A4 folder. We include a charge on the invoice for photocopying/arts & crafts.

Healthy Eating Policy

Please see our Healthy Eating Policy in our Policies section on the main page. All pupils are required to adhere to the guidelines.


Our school uses a group text scheme (Aladdin). Notices & reminders will often issue via text so please ensure we have the correct mobile numbers for you.
Please ensure the notifications are turned on when using the Aladdin app on your phone.


Notes are required if your child has missed school for any reason or if homework is incomplete. Absences can also be explained via our Aladdin app – secure individual parent codes will be sent via text every September.
There is also a sign in and out book should your child arrive late or need to be picked up early.