Upcoming Parents Association Fundraisers

Please note that the Parents Association have organised a church gate collection this Saturday and Sunday, the 1st and 2nd of December.
There are  plans to have a bake sale at the Health Centre on the 12th of December.
They are presently planning the annual Christmas raffle, more details will follow.

Please contact a member of the PA committee if you wish to help out with any of the above.

The fundraisers organised by the Parents Association are very important in order to provide much needed resources for the children of our school, so we ask that you support them in any way you can.

Science Club Week 2

Week 2 of “Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf’s Science Club” was a lemony success!!

Here is what we got up to under the watchful eye of Ms Hickey this week…

Science Club Week 2


Scientist of the Week: Erasmus Reinhold; calculated the first set of planetary tables “Tabulae Prutenicae”

Element of the Week: Osmium; a metal used in fountain pens and phonograph needles

Animal of the Week: Viperfish/ Fangfish; found in all deep oceans from depths of 250-5,000ft. Has a photophore and fangs, used to attract and impale prey.

Constellation of the Week: Lakota; Also known as The Hand Constellation. Named after a native american chief who had his arm torn off as a punishment by the gods.

Experiment of the Week: To explore oxidisation; 


For our experiment this week we wanted to experiment how heat can cause organic materials to oxidise (change colour due to loss of an electron).

Procedure: We mixed some freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and used a cotton bud to write a message with the mixture onto white paper. We chose to write secret messages to our friends. These messages were left to dry. At home we placed our hidden messages up to (but not touching) a lamp/lightbulb. The heat from the light source caused the hidden lemon juice/water mixture to oxidise and turn brown, revealing our messages. Some people chose to draw pictures to their friends instead of writing messages. Other people did both 🙂

 Until next week… 🙂 

Science Club Week 1

Last week saw our first “Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf Science Club” of this term.

There was a great turn out with over 30 budding scientists in attendance on Wednesday afternoon.

Each week we learn about each of the three main branches of science; Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as conducting our own experiment.

Week 1:

Science Week 1

Scientist of the Week: Friedrich Miescher; who was the original founder of DNA in 1869, although he named it ‘nuclein’.

Element of the Week: Copernicium; a very radio-active element named after the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

Animal of the Week: Warty Frog-fish; related to the angler-fish, it looks like it has warts all over its body. It does not swim as it does not have a swim bladder but it has adapted its pectoral (side) fins to use like legs!

Constellation of the Week: Aries; named after the ram with the golden fleece in Greek mythology

Experiment of the Week: Extracting DNA from a kiwi fruit


Our procedure:

Crushing the kiwi flesh

Scooping out the kiwi flesh

<<Step 1:  We scooped the flesh of a kiwi into a zip-lock bag  and made sure there was no air in the bag.


>Step 2: The kiwi flesh was smashed into a green, seedy mush.



Our buffer solution

<<Step 3: A buffer solution was made by adding some salt and washing up liquid  to half a cup of water. We had to dissolve the salt in the solution but we had to be careful to stir this very, very slowly as we did not want bubbles to form.


Buffer solution and kiwi flesh

>>Step 4: Half of the buffer solution was added to the kiwi flesh in the zip-lock bag. This was mixed thoroughly.





Filtering the mixture

<<Step 5: We left the zip-lock bag rest for 10 minutes. Then we filtered the liquid from the solids using a

coffee filter and a jar.



Carefully adding the methylated spirits

>>Step 6: This part must be carried out by an adult! Ms Hickey poured a small amount of methylated spirits down the side of the jar into the filtered solution

<<Step 7: The solution was then stirred carefully. A purple layer formed on top of a the green liquid.



Result:The alcohol from the methylated spirits dehydrates the DNA making it clump together and visible to us. You can see it in the bottom two photographs.


The DNA we extracted from kiwi fruit!



As Archimedes once famously said “Eureka!!!”

Until next time Science Clubbers 🙂


CPR Workshop with Clodagh Callaghan

On Wednesday afternoon, fifth and sixth class were very lucky to receive an overview on CPR, instructed by Clodagh Callaghan.

Clodagh brought with her two mannequins and a defibrillator machine.

We learned what to do if we come across an unconscious casualty or if someone near us collapses and stops breathing.

Firstly we remember the 3 C’s:

Check for response

Call for help

Chest compression


It is useful to sing the song ‘Nelly the elephant’ in your head as you administer the compressions. It is very important to keep the pace consistent and push down strong with straight arms, shoulders over your interlocked fingers.


We were also instructed how to use the defibrillator machine and to listen very carefully to the instructions given by it.

We are all so grateful to Clodagh Callaghan for taking the time to visit us and share these important life skills with us all. Thank you very much Clodagh!

We all feel much more confident now and would know what to do in case of emergency.



Sharky November in fifth class

We are having a ‘fin-tastic’ time in fifth class this November!

Our theme this month is ‘Sharks’ and we are studying sharks in great detail. Before becoming a teacher, Ms Hickey studied Marine Science and working around the world with sharks focusing on shark conservation.

We have a new door display and new groups names this month based on our theme. The five of them are as follows: V.I.P sharks, Great white sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Lemon sharks and Blue sharks. For art this week we created chalk pictures of hammerhead sharks, we have also written some ‘shark-tacular’ poems in English. (check out all of our pictures below).

Our teacher Ms.Hickey is restarting our Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf’s Science club on Wednesdays,  starting this week. Every child that chooses to attend should bring in 2.00 for our school science fund.  The time will be from 3:00pm -4:30pm each week.

Our school has been chosen for Junior NBA! We are all so excited and feel so lucky to be taking part. It is a basketball tournament run by the American NBA basketball league. We will be the team Utah Jazz and have our very own Utah Jazz jerseys! Our first training session yesterday 18/11/2018 and we will have three more training sessions left until the big match up in Dublin in December!

In fifth class we are creating another bottle cap mural so please try and recycle your bottle caps by bringing them into us. Blue and red if possible but any colour will be super! Thank you!

Bye for now!

Happy Halloween!!!

With mid-term break fast approaching, we have been very busy in fifth class, focusing on our theme “Spooky Halloween”.

In geography we explored the Mexican tradition of “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). We even made our own sugar skull decorations in art!

We also decorated our classroom door to look like Frankenstein. Do you like it?

It was very interesting learning all about the History of Halloween and we especially enjoyed discovering all about the famous author Bram Stoker. Did you know that his mother was from Sligo? Some people believe the stories that she told Bram about the cholera epidemic in Sligo inspired his horror stories!

Last week we had an election in our class for fifth class Student Council Representative. After hearing some terrific presentations made by the class, votes were cast and tallied. We are delighted to announce that our representatives are Cara Aldridge and Killian Bonney! We have no doubt that they will be fantastic in their new roles.

As today is the last day before our mid-term break, we were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes to school. Everyone looks great. There are various costumes from zombies to mummies and even a sumo wrestler and gingerbread man!

We would like to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Enjoy and stay safe.


Slán, Grazie, Dziekuje 🙂

Eye of the Dragon

Eyes looking at you!

Drawing eyes in art can be quite challenging and tricky.  We were asked to draw an ‘Eye of a Dragon’.  At first it was quite daunting but by following the steps outlined by our teacher Miss. Dolan we had them drawn in no time!

Our eyes are watching you!

We had to fill the page around the eye with the scales and thick skin. To highlight the volume and thickness we used our shading techniques.  We chose colours from the Primary and Secondary wheel to compliment the dragon eye.

They’re really quite intimidating!

We hope you like our dragon eyes.  We look forward to doing this type of art again soon!



Our new Student Council Reps

On Friday, 12th October, 6th class held the 2018-2019 Student Council Election.  Five candidates put themselves forward to represent our class in the council. The five students were:  Róisín H, Eirnn, Alianna, Daire and Jack C.

They all presented their proposals in a very professional manner, spoke clearly and they came across very confident.  This made the voting quite a challenge as we feel they could all represent our class on the council.

It was a close call in the end when our teacher revealed the winners.

Alianna and Jack, our new Student council Reps

They are Alianna  and Jack.  Congratulations to you both and we are looking forward to hearing what the future holds in the new Student Council.

Inside 5th Class

Welcome back to our 5th class blog!

We wanted to share some more information with you and give you a sneak peak into our classroom.

There are 28 of us in 5th class , 19 boys and 9 girls. We always strive to do our best and make our teacher, Ms Hickey proud.

Within our class we are seated in groups. our group names change each month according to our theme is “Spooky Halloween”. There are photos of our group names below. we hope you like them 🙂

The Pumpkin Group

The Candy Skull Group


The Zombie Group


The Witches Group

In our class we also have a V.I.P table. At this table there are cushions to sit on, a Spongebob Squarepants  tin full of pencils, erasers, pens and multi-coloured  white board markers and highlighters that look like nail-polish. Check out our V.I.P table in the photos below!

The V.I.P Group

Fluffy, soft pillows for the V.I.P group

Fun stationery at the V.I.P table 🙂

To be in with the a chance to sit at the V.I.P. table you must  have tickets in the draw. you earn tickets for good behaviour,  helping each other, being mannerly, working quietly and much more. Every Friday afternoon, Ms Hickey has a raffle and randomly selects four tickets. Those ticket holders become V.I.P.s the following week

We can also be rewarded with group tickets for working well in our groups and keeping our work spaces tidy. A second draw on Friday is for ‘Group Prizes.’ One ticket is selected and all the members of that group win a prize from the ‘Lucky Dip Bag.’

We will have so much more to share with you over the next few weeks, like exciting projects, marvelous Music Generation, fun football training and amazing artistic creations, so don’t forget to check back.

Catch you soon!

Slan, Grazie, Dziekuje 🙂