Schools Pathways for Covid-19 The Public Health Approach

Dear parents,

                         I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents/guardians, staff and pupils who are working together to ensure the welfare and safety of the whole school community. Thankfully, to date, no case of Covid-19 has been confirmed within our school. 

The recent rising trend in confirmed positive cases nationally is cause for concern and it is clear that we all need to be very vigilant and continue to play our part in keeping our school environment safe for all attending.

Please remember that any pupils that have Covid 19 symptoms (high temperature, cough, shortness of breath, and or loss of smell or taste) or any signs of illness are not to attend school and parents should contact their GP for further advice

If it is determined by the GP that someone in your household (this might include childminders or extended family members), requires to be tested for Covid-19, we are asking that all household contacts not attend school and remain at home until advised to return by your GP or Public Health/HSE. If one of your children has to remain at home due to Covid related advice received, it is necessary to contact the principal by phone.

Please find the attached link to an important document entitled ‘Schools Pathway for Covid-19, the Public Health Approach’ for your information, which is also available on the school website. This document sets out the Public Health approach to managing a confirmed case of Covid-19 within the school community. Please note any actions taken by the school will be directed by Public Health/HSE.

Teachers will recommence with the giving of homework. There are procedures in place in order that any books that go home, for example library books, will on return to school, be stored in a sealed container for a minimum of 72 hours before being given to any other pupil.
We are asking that you not send a schoolbag with your child unless completely necessary, or there is a pre-determined activity where it is requested by the school.

Finally parent/teacher meetings will take place over the phone this year and are scheduled for early November. The school will be in contact regarding the schedule of dates and times.
Should you wish to speak with your child’s teacher in the interim, please contact our secretary to arrange a phone appointment.

Thank you,

Paul and staff

World Book Day 2020

We had great fun celebrating World Book Day in First Class. We got to write book reviews, dress up as our favourite book characters, bring in our favourite books to read and we even got to do some World Book Day art.

We all dressed up as our favourite book characters.
For art we got to draw ourselves reading our favourite books.
They turned out great!


It has been an exciting month in Senior Infants! Our theme for the month was At the Vets and we also learnt all about Spring.

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday and had fun decorating our pancakes with lots of our favourite toppings!

A local vet visited our class to answer all our questions about the work a vet does. He also brought some friends along and showed us how to bandage a dog’s leg.

Spring Art!


We have had a really busy month!

This month the theme in our room was ‘At the Vets’.

We have been looking after and caring for all sorts of animals, taking them to get their check ups in the ‘Vet’s Surgery’ in our Role Play Area……..

We built cages and enclosures for a variety of animals in the construction area……….

We made sure the animals had a nice bath before they visited the Vet……

We had fun with playdough……….

We also had a local Vet come and talk to us in the classroom. He showed us how to put on a bandage and let us try on some gowns and masks that he uses. It was a very informative visit and the children asked loads of really good questions!

Spring has Sprung in 2nd Class

Spring has finally arrived in 2nd Class and we are so excited!

We celebrated the first day of this new season by creating St. Brigid’s crosses and learning all about the saint. We then re-wrote the story of St. Brigid’s Cloak in our own words and made comics (see image below) that are on display on “Our Altar”. What do you think??

Our St. Brigid comics

As Valentine’s Day falls in the month of February, our teacher, Ms Hickey surprised us by writing different reasons why we are loved on our classroom door. Each day there was a different reason. We love reading them each day, they really make us smile.

They look delicious, like the ‘Love Heart’ sweets, don’t you think?

We are really enjoying our art this year. We celebrated the Chinese New Year last month, learning lots about China. We also created lovely plaques for the walls. Did you know that this year is the year of the rat?

The Year of the Rat…2020

Our Class Mascot, Rodney the Shark, has been having a great time, spending his weekends with the boys and girls from second class. Each pupil takes a turn having Rodney at home for a weekend and writes about their adventures with him. Some boys and girls have even taken some photos with Rodney and have pasted them alongside their adventures. This is where Rodney spends his time in our classroom. He feels very at home in his classroom habitat. He certainly does not feel like a fish out of water 😉

Rodney the Shark in his classroom habitat

To make our classroom feel a little more ‘spring-like’ we created beautiful cherry-blossoms using our hand prints and sugar paper. They are our teacher’s favourite tree! She has hung them all around our classroom and in the entrance hall. Do you like them?

Hand art; Cherry blossom


Our topic for January was Africa and the children were so excited to find out all about it.

We set up our role play area as an African market stall and made necklaces, masks and paintings of our own to sell in the market. Look at all the fantastic work we have been doing

January 2020


We are all soooooo excited for Christmas.

Look at all the fun we have been having in Junior Infants