Interview with Mrs. Muldoon

Reporter: How many years have you been teaching?
Mrs Muldoon: 18 years.
Reporter: What is your favourite subject to teach?
Mrs Muldoon: Maths
Reporter: What is your favourite memory this year?
Mrs Muldoon: The school tour.
Reporter: Have you enjoyed teaching 6th Class?
Mrs Muldoon: Yes I did – loved every minute.
Reporter: Are you looking forward to teaching 3rd class next year?
Mrs Muldoon: Can’t wait…

By Lucas Karki and Ella Doherty.

Interview with Mr. O’Meara

Reporter: How many years have you been teaching?
Mr O’Meara: 23 years.
Reporter: What is your favourite subject to teach?
Mr O’Meara: English.
Reporter: What is your favourite memory this year?
Mr O’Meara: Picking our tulips
Reporter: Have you enjoyed teaching 1st Class?
Mr O’Meara: I loved it. We worked hard and had lots of fun.
Reporter: Are you looking forward to teaching 6th class next year?
Mr O’Meara: I can’t wait. They are a great group.

by Lucas Karki and Ella Doherty.

Interview with Jessie Whitehead

Ella Doherty
Who or what influenced your love of music?
I started music lessons when I was really young in Sligo. There was a woman called Niamh Crowley and she was a very good violinist.
What instrument do you play?
The violin, the piano, the guitar and I sing.
What type of music do you like to play?
I like to play traditional Irish music, classical, folk, soul and jazz.
Did your parents listen to/ play music when you were growing up?
Yes My Dad plays guitar. When I started singing and writing songs my Dad did the same. My Mum plays the flute.
Are you a member of a band or a group?
I play violin with the Sligo Baroque Orchestra. I play music with lots of people around Sligo.
Who is your favourite well known musician / band?
One of my favourite musicians is Seamie O’ Dowd, Yelba.
Do you like musicals and do you watch them often?
No I don’t see them that often. My brother Matthew acts in a lot of musicals.
What is your favourite piece of music /song
A: to listen to
B: to play
May you never by John Martyn
Bed I made by Allen Stone.
Do you enjoy playing for big groups or do you prefer small gatherings?
Big audiences are more exciting but small groups can have a nice feel and can be just as enjoyable.
Finally, what can you say has been you best memory / moment so far in your musical career?
I got to play in Germany for a month touring all around the country. I got to travel and play at the same time.

Our Year in 3rd Class

This year our teacher was Ms .Golden. She is the best teacher in the world. We have done so many fun things this year. Take a look at some of them below.

Our School Tour

For our 3rd class school tour we went to the I.T in Sligo to the Lets Go Camp. It was soooooo fun. We got to do lots of activities like go carting, wrecking ball, wobbly ladder, air jump, human football table and so much more. We had lots of fun. It was the best school tour ever. The whole class really enjoyed it.

Art Work

We loved art and did so much this year. I’ll try and remember as much as possible. We drew trees for the different seasons, for Halloween we made cotton bud skeletons. For Winter we made snow globes, snowflakes, sock snowmen and Christmas cards. Then for spring art we decorated Easter eggs and sunflowers. For summer we made flip flops in the sand and fathers day art.


We did loads of science experiments on electricity, forces, sound, magnets and loads more things. They were so much fun.

Testing our boats to see which materials are better for floating.
Racing our cars using magnets.

Project Work

We did a lot of project work. The whole class made one on Egypt , we did one on a country of our choice, one on extreme weather, space and the Aztecs.

Summer Bucket Lists

Our Summer Bucket List is about the things we want to get done this summer. We had to pick 16 things. People wrote things like I want to learn guitar, have a sleepover, go swimming, ride a roller coaster, have a water fight, go to the beach, go on holidays and go camping. We’re going to tick them off as we do them over the summer holidays.

Kensuke’s Kingdom – Our Class Novel

Our class started a class novel called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo.
It was about a boy whose parents were made redundant and decided to sail around the world. The boy, Micheal was thrown overboard the boat during a storm and washed up on an island but he was not alone……………………..
We also did lots of work on this novel, we did chapter summaries, character profiles, missing persons posters, messages in a bottle and even our own ending to the story!
You should definitely read it, it is a great story.

Rugby Kits for our school!

Ms. Golden ordered a poster form Aldi then the whole school collected stickers to fill the poster up. We collected over 1200 stickers and completed 4 posters. As a result we we got 4 kit bags, 16 rugby balls, 24 bottles and 4 bottle holders. We are hoping to set up a tag rugby team in the school next year.

Lets end the year with a BANG!

Ms. Golden put up a display on Friday and it said “Lets End The Year With A Bang”. So it goes like this. Ms. Golden put balloons around it and each balloon had a number on it. Each day we pop a balloon and count down the last few days of school. Inside each balloon was a fun activity for that day.
Day 8 said: “student get to swap seats for a day”
Day 7 said “students become teachers for a day”
Day 6 said “School tour”
Day 5 said “Students awards”
Day 4 said “Bottle cap mural”
Day 3 said “Sports Day”
Day 2 said “Ice-Cream”
Day 1 said “Last Day – PARTY”

School Pet

We also got school pets this year. They are turtles, 1 boy and 1 girl. The boys name is Jeff and the girls name is Rosie. They go from room to room each month. They are so cute. They were in our classroom and everybody got a change to feed them. Me and my friend got to feed them together.

So that’s some of what we got up to this year, check out our other blog posts for more updates. It has been the best year ever!


Interview with Mr. Higgins

Q: Did you like teaching this class this year?
A: Yes, I did.
Q: Would you teach this class again? Why/ Why not?
A: Yes- they’re very well behaved and great fun.
Q: What is your favourite subject to teach? Why?
A: P.E. – I love being outdoors and active.
Q: If you could add a subject to the primary school curriculum that wasn’t there before, what would it be? Why?
A: Woodwork because I really enjoyed it when I was in secondary school and you could teach some good practical things.
Q: What moment stood out to you this year?
A: School tour- all children were so well-behaved and had great fun.
Q: What was your favourite thing that happened this year? Explain why.
A: Doing well in the Cumann Na mBunscol because all the boys put in great effort and it meant a lot to them.

By Aaron Daly and Lee Stead

Interview with 4th Class Pupils

Q: Do you think Mr. Higgins was a good teacher? Why/ Why not?
A: Yes because he is good fun and has the craic.
Q: Would you like him to teach you again?
A: Yes.
Q: What was your favourite activity that Mr. Higgins did with you?
A: P.E.
Q: How do you feel about going into 5th Class?
A: Don’t really mind.
Q: Did you like being in 4th Class?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you miss school while you’re on summer holidays?
A: NO! Because school is boring.

By Aaron Daly and Lee Stead

5th Class Teacher Questionnaire

Q. What did you think when you first came?
A. I was very excited to work in such a good school and really looking forward to working with 5th.
Q. Did you like teaching 5th this year?
A. I did! They are an excellent class with loads of potential
Q. who is your favourite pupil?
A. All of them
Q. Would you like to teach 5th again?
A. I would, I like teaching senior classes and I enjoy working with 5th class.
Q. Did you ever mix up a pupils name before and was it embarrassing?
A. I can’t remember.

By Niall Quigley and Kai Fagan