January 2023 ✨

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Happy New Year from First Class A. We spent some time at the beginning of the month setting new goals for 2023.

Our theme for the month of January was ‘Play’. We have been learning about games from the past, active ways to play, the first teddy bear and toys from around the world. 

Show & Tell
Linking in with our monthly theme we had Show and Tell with some of our favourite toys. 

In maths we have been learning about 3-D shapes and we recently started Time. Lots of interactive lessons to grasp these topics. 

Visual Arts 
Grandparents Day falls in January and to celebrate we created these clay tea light holders as a small gift for them. They turned out great. 

As we have been learning about games in the past in History we decided to go outside and play some for ourselves.  – Marbles, skipping, hopscotch and tag.

In science this month we have been doing different experiments. We had lots of fun learning about magnets 🧲 and investigating the different materials that attract them. 

To finish our lesson we designed race cars and using paper clips and magnets we raced the cars along a track.