We have had a really busy month!

This month the theme in our room was ‘At the Vets’.

We have been looking after and caring for all sorts of animals, taking them to get their check ups in the ‘Vet’s Surgery’ in our Role Play Area……..

We built cages and enclosures for a variety of animals in the construction area……….

We made sure the animals had a nice bath before they visited the Vet……

We had fun with playdough……….

We also had a local Vet come and talk to us in the classroom. He showed us how to put on a bandage and let us try on some gowns and masks that he uses. It was a very informative visit and the children asked loads of really good questions!


Our topic for January was Africa and the children were so excited to find out all about it.

We set up our role play area as an African market stall and made necklaces, masks and paintings of our own to sell in the market. Look at all the fantastic work we have been doing


We are all soooooo excited for Christmas.

Look at all the fun we have been having in Junior Infants


Halloween & Autumn

Junior Infants


Myself and my family

Transport ??✈️⛴??

In May we learned about all things Transport. In our role playing area we had great fun in our travel agents and our airport. We made passports, boarding passes and went through security checks before we could board the plane!!!