November 2020

Here are some of the exciting things we have been getting up to in Senior Infants during the month of November!

Our theme for this month was all about ‘The Café’.

We set up the role-play area as ‘Liz’s Café’ where there was lots of lovely food on offer! The children designed their own menus for the café and had loads of other opportunities to write, taking orders, writing receipts and delivery dockets!

In the construction area, the children designed and made their own café’s, restaurants, and outdoor dining areas.

We made ‘funny face’ biscuits for the café but they were too tasty looking and we ate them all! So then we made buns, cookies and biscuits using our playdough! We looked at lots of cookbooks to get some ideas and inspiration before making our own.

October 2020


We have been really busy in Senior Infants this month.

We set up our role play area as a ‘Witches Den’ and we wrote some very interesting potions to go in our spell book! Take a look ……..

We designed some scary pumpkins with our playdough………

And we designed and built haunted houses for our ghosts to haunt!!


We have been busy in our numeracy stations this month – check out all our work!

September 2020

Welcome to our Senior Infants blog for 2020/2021. We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun activities we do in Senior Infants!

Our theme in September was ‘School’ and we set up our role play area as a classroom and also had an area for the school office. We had great fun taking turns to be the teacher and secretary!

We read the book ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. It is a brilliant story and we all really enjoyed it. In our construction area, we had a go at designing and making our own ‘Dragon School’ for Zog. We also designed and built our own castles for Zog to rescue the princess from. I think you will agree we had some brilliant designs!

We even had our first ‘virtual assembly’ with our principal, Mr Colreavy, at the end of September!