Our Year in 3rd Class

This year our teacher was Ms .Golden. She is the best teacher in the world. We have done so many fun things this year. Take a look at some of them below.

Our School Tour

For our 3rd class school tour we went to the I.T in Sligo to the Lets Go Camp. It was soooooo fun. We got to do lots of activities like go carting, wrecking ball, wobbly ladder, air jump, human football table and so much more. We had lots of fun. It was the best school tour ever. The whole class really enjoyed it.

Art Work

We loved art and did so much this year. I’ll try and remember as much as possible. We drew trees for the different seasons, for Halloween we made cotton bud skeletons. For Winter we made snow globes, snowflakes, sock snowmen and Christmas cards. Then for spring art we decorated Easter eggs and sunflowers. For summer we made flip flops in the sand and fathers day art.


We did loads of science experiments on electricity, forces, sound, magnets and loads more things. They were so much fun.

Testing our boats to see which materials are better for floating.
Racing our cars using magnets.

Project Work

We did a lot of project work. The whole class made one on Egypt , we did one on a country of our choice, one on extreme weather, space and the Aztecs.

Summer Bucket Lists

Our Summer Bucket List is about the things we want to get done this summer. We had to pick 16 things. People wrote things like I want to learn guitar, have a sleepover, go swimming, ride a roller coaster, have a water fight, go to the beach, go on holidays and go camping. We’re going to tick them off as we do them over the summer holidays.

Kensuke’s Kingdom – Our Class Novel

Our class started a class novel called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo.
It was about a boy whose parents were made redundant and decided to sail around the world. The boy, Micheal was thrown overboard the boat during a storm and washed up on an island but he was not alone……………………..
We also did lots of work on this novel, we did chapter summaries, character profiles, missing persons posters, messages in a bottle and even our own ending to the story!
You should definitely read it, it is a great story.

Rugby Kits for our school!

Ms. Golden ordered a poster form Aldi then the whole school collected stickers to fill the poster up. We collected over 1200 stickers and completed 4 posters. As a result we we got 4 kit bags, 16 rugby balls, 24 bottles and 4 bottle holders. We are hoping to set up a tag rugby team in the school next year.

Lets end the year with a BANG!

Ms. Golden put up a display on Friday and it said “Lets End The Year With A Bang”. So it goes like this. Ms. Golden put balloons around it and each balloon had a number on it. Each day we pop a balloon and count down the last few days of school. Inside each balloon was a fun activity for that day.
Day 8 said: “student get to swap seats for a day”
Day 7 said “students become teachers for a day”
Day 6 said “School tour”
Day 5 said “Students awards”
Day 4 said “Bottle cap mural”
Day 3 said “Sports Day”
Day 2 said “Ice-Cream”
Day 1 said “Last Day – PARTY”

School Pet

We also got school pets this year. They are turtles, 1 boy and 1 girl. The boys name is Jeff and the girls name is Rosie. They go from room to room each month. They are so cute. They were in our classroom and everybody got a change to feed them. Me and my friend got to feed them together.

So that’s some of what we got up to this year, check out our other blog posts for more updates. It has been the best year ever!


3rd Class News

It has been a while since our last blog post. We have been very busy in 3rd Class. Take a look at what we have been up to since our last post. Enjoy!

In art we created these Easter baskets using clay and paint. We even got our own little egg to put inside it.

For Mother’s Day we made these lovely paper tulips with a little message that reads “If mothers were flowers I would pick you.”

We were learning about the different oceans of the world in S.E.S.E. so for art we created our own underwater ocean scene.

We have been doing a lot of different experiments in Science! It has been SO much fun. Look at some of them below.

Forces – Investigating ramps and friction.
Investigate: What is a fulcrum?
Investigating how hot air rises.
Investigating Sound
Investigating sound with String Telephones.

Music Generation

We have been learning so much about percussion instruments with our music teacher Stephanie. We LOVE the Boomwhackers.

Playground Visit!

Just before we finished up for the Easter Holidays 3rd and 5th class went down to the playground to enjoy some of the sunshine!

Third Class Art

Take a look at some of the art work we have created over the last few months.

3rd Class News

Pancake Tuesday 2019


Third class enjoying decorating their pancakes yesterday

Third class enjoying decorating their pancakes yesterday!


  • Aldi Poster Competition

We have managed to complete our school poster in record time. Thank you to everyone who has brought in stickers. We are now looking into getting a second poster as we have almost 200 stickers left over.


  • Pen pal Letters

We received our first letters from our pen pals a couple of weeks ago. We have since wrote back and are waiting patiently for our second letter to arrive. We are learning so much about school life in Dublin.

Games and Pastimes of the past

We have been learning about games and pastimes of the past .
To begin, we collected data from the class to see what were the most popular games. .We created bar charts to show this information .

After that we interviewed our grandparents to see what they liked to play when they were younger and to see what pastimes they had. Most agreed games had improved since they were younger however they think they played outside a lot more than we do now.

We then looked at power points and read different books on games and pastimes in Ancient Greece, Rome, Medieval times and the 1900s in Ireland. It was really interesting.
To finish up we we went outside to play some old games for ourselves (some of which we still play today) like skipping ropes, marbles, hopscotch and x’s and o’s. It was so fun.

X’s and O’s


In school we have been learning about different styles of poetry. We learned how to do acrostic poems. You pick a topic for example weather or ice-cream and write it down the side of your page vertically. Then you think of sentences to do with your topic. We looked at some power points, read some acrostic poems and then we tried it out for ourselves.

Weather can sometimes be good or bad,
Either way you might survive,
Also be careful,
There can be dangerous weather,
Here it comes
Everyone run!
Running as fast as you can. Quick it’s coming!
– By Logan

Some of our acrostic poems.

Loves football
Eats a lot
On time for school most days
Never gives up

Enjoys playing video games
George Ezra is the best singer ever
Always try’s his best
Never gets to stay up late
– By Leon

After acrostics we looked at Limerick poems. They are five lines long, the 1st, 2nd and 5th lines have to rhyme and the 3rd and 4th lines have to rhyme too. Limericks are normally silly or funny poems. These were a little harder to do but still very fun. Here are some examples of limerick poems we created:

The Cat with the Hat
There once was a very big cat
Who liked to wear a small hat
The hat was pink
It fell in the sink
So she went to cry on the mat
– By Noah

The Martian
There once was a man who went to Mars
He married a martian who sold cars
They got married by a mouse
Right in front of our house
And every night they look at the stars.
– By Hannah

Some of our limerick poems.

What a difference €50,000 would make!

Aldi have teamed up with the IRFU to give two primary schools in Ireland the chance to win a massive €50,000 to develop their school playing facilities.

SMAI are currently collecting Aldi Rugby Player stickers which can be got in any Aldi store when you spend €30 or more. We need to collect 300 stickers to fill our poster which is now hanging in our school. Once we have them all collected we can send away the poster and be in with a chance to win one of the following prizes.

– 2 primary schools will win €50,000 each to develop their playing facilities.
– €2,500 voucher for sports and training equipment to a school in each province.
– A training session with Paul O’Connell in school plus a set of new jerseys and an Aldi Play Rugby Kit.

Even if we don’t win…..
– Every school that enters with a fully completed poster will get an Aldi Player Rugby Kit bag, 4 rugby balls and a set of Aldi Play Rugby water bottles sent to their school.

We have until the 7th of April to get the poster sent back in, so if you shop in Aldi make sure to ask for the stickers and help us complete our poster and be in with a chance to win.

Thank you.

We are nearly at the halfway mark, thank you to everyone who has brought in stickers so far.


Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Extreme Weather. It is really interesting . We have learned about droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Ms. Golden showed us lots of amazing videos and fun facts on all types of Extreme Weather. Ms. Golden then gave us the task of researching into an Extreme Weather of our choice to do a project on. There were some great turn outs.

Experiment Time
After that we done an experiment to find out how much rain falls in our playground. The experiment was called “Which part of the yard is the wettest?”
This is what you have to do:

Our Rain Gauges
  1. Cut the top off a plastic bottle (around one third).
  2. Place the top upside down in the bottom part of the bottle and secure with tape.
  3. Make at least 3 of them and put them in different places on the yard.
  4. In a weeks time check them and see which bottle has the most water in it. Measure using a ruler.

Weather Tools
We also learned about different weather tools.
Thermometer: This measures temperature.
Anemometer: This measures wind speed.
Wind Vane: This measures wind direction.
Rain Gauge: This measures rainfall.

Did you know: A tornado is a rapid spinning tube of air that touches both ground and a cloud above.

Did you know: A drought is a very extreme heat wave.

Did you know: A blizzard is a long lasting snowstorm. Flooding can occur if the snow melts quickly.

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Pen pals!

Some of the letters we wrote

When we came back after Christmas break Ms. Golden told us that we were getting pen pals. We were so happy and excited to hear this. Our new pen pals are from Dublin and go to Holy Child N.S. There are 32 children in their class and because there are only 24 in ours some of us got two pen pals.

We got to see their school website and look at pictures. It’s fun to see work from other schools. Over the last two weeks we have been learning how to write informal letters, after practicing different ones we were finally able to write the first draft to our pen pals. When they were corrected we were given paper and we wrote our proper letters.

Such a fun way to learn about letter writing. We decorated them after to make them look nice. We can’t wait to get a reply from our new friends.