January Assembly

We had our first assembly for the new year today where three children from each class received an award. The following students got an award in 1st Class A.

1. Principals Award – Rosie.

2. Proud Cloud – Hannah.

3. Attendance Award – Maya.

January 2023 ✨

Happy New Year from First Class A. We spent some time at the beginning of the month setting new goals for 2023.

Our theme for the month of January was ‘Play’. We have been learning about games from the past, active ways to play, the first teddy bear and toys from around the world. 

Show & Tell
Linking in with our monthly theme we had Show and Tell with some of our favourite toys. 

In maths we have been learning about 3-D shapes and we recently started Time. Lots of interactive lessons to grasp these topics. 

Visual Arts 
Grandparents Day falls in January and to celebrate we created these clay tea light holders as a small gift for them. They turned out great. 

As we have been learning about games in the past in History we decided to go outside and play some for ourselves.  – Marbles, skipping, hopscotch and tag.

In science this month we have been doing different experiments. We had lots of fun learning about magnets 🧲 and investigating the different materials that attract them. 

To finish our lesson we designed race cars and using paper clips and magnets we raced the cars along a track. 

December 🎄

Singing Christmas Carols
First Class performed three songs last week and the recordings were sent home to their families. They were AMAZING!

Litir chuig Daidí na Nollag.
The children were so proud of their first piece of writing as Gaeilge. They each wrote a letter to Santa, and are going to post the letters later this week.

Reading with 6th Class
Earlier in the month 6th class pupils came over and read with our class. Both classes really enjoyed the experience and it is something that we will keep up in the new year.

Hot Chocolate Party
On the 30th of November each child in our class decorated an ‘Advent Door’ as part of our class Advent Calendar. Behind each door is a fun activity for each day in December. One of our favourite activities was the hot chocolate party. Yum!

Elf Antics
We were so excited when an elf joined our classroom. We named him Cookie. Sometimes Mrs. Gallagher’s elves come into our room to play with him.

Wellness Wednesday
As part of December’s Wellness Wednesday each class created a card for the residents in our local nursing home. Have a look at our ones below.

1st Class Morning Out!
We had a lovely morning posting our Santa letters, visiting the crib and singing happy birthday to Fr. Finan!

November in First Class 🍂

Take a look at some of our November highlights below.

For maths this month we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We have also been learning about money, using lots of hands on activities to help us with this tricky topic.

Visual Arts
We have been exploring the colour wheel in art. We had lots of fun mixing colours together and creating different shades.
We also used junk art materials from home to design and construct houses to fit in with our monthly theme of houses and homes.

Kahoot is a great way to assess learning and both first classes love doing them.

Lots of singing and dancing this month for music generation.

The astro pitch has been a fantastic resource for the rainy days in November.

Literacy Games
Working hard on our phonics and oral language during station work.

October in First Class 🎃

Another busy month for our little class. Take a look at what we have been up to.

2-D Shapes 🟡
In maths we have been learning about 2-D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school and used lots of concrete materials to help us learn this new topic.

Oíche Shamhna 🎃
For Gaeilge we have been learning about Oíche Shamhna. We drew ourselves dressed up in different costumes. Tá mé gléasta mar _____.

Maths Week ➕➖➗✖️
We did lots of different activities to celebrate Maths Week 2022. Incorporating maths into our PE lesson was a highlight.

Science – Light 💡
For sceince we have been learning about light. We did an investigation to see if different matierals were opaque, translucent or transparent.

Visual Arts 🎨
Our strand for October has been clay. We created Hedgehogs and Witches Cauldrons using clay, paint and glitter.

Music Generation 🎵
The keyboard was a big hit with 1st Class this month.

September in 1st Class 🍂

Welcome to First Class A 😃

Our class is made up of 8 girls and 6 boys. Our teachers name is Ms. Golden. 

September has been a busy month settling back into school. Take a look at some snapshots below. 

iPad Fun 📱 

We are really trying to incorporate ICT into our lessons. Literacy and numeracy games are a real hit for station work. 

We have also been learning how to use QR codes in class. For September our writing genre is ‘Report’. For our lesson we had to walk around the classroom, pick a QR code to scan and then it brought us to an animal that we had to write a report on. It was SO MUCH FUN! 

Art 🖼 

We have done lots of lovely art work already this month – from self portraits and autumn trees to studying an artist called Kandinsky and recreating his work. 

Outdoor Classroom
September has been quite mild so we have been making the most of our outdoor classroom where we can. 

Phonics 📝
We have been working so hard on our phonics this month, with lots of different activities to help us learn our new sounds.

Music Generation 🎵 

We are so lucky to have Aisling coming in for Music Generation each week. We are learning so much from her, and just love when she brings in instruments for us to play.