A visitor arrives

On December 1st, we were very lucky to have Holly Berry visit our classroom on the run up to Christmas. She had to quarantine for 14 days but she had a nice, comfortable home to isolate in. We also helped her to count down the days.

Science Week!

We had so much fun during science week, trying out a lot of cool experiments. First we tried the skittles rainbow experiment. Next, we looked at the effects of water, vinegar and salt water on jelly babies. Then, we designed and made buildings using spaghetti and marshmallows. Finally, we looked at the effects of coke, coffee, vinegar and water on our teeth.


The children had great fun using different materials to find out which would work as the best material for a greenhouse. We use pea seeds and found that they grew best using the clear plastic.


Hello and welcome to our class blog. We have had a great few months of school so far. We’ve been super busy settling back into our school work, making new friends and doing lots of exciting activities. We hope you enjoy a few pictures capturing some of our fun and games and lovely work.