April Fools 😅

Mrs. Gallagher and Ms. Kerins didn’t know what to think when they walked into their classrooms yesterday morning.
Senior infants and sixth class had swapped classrooms! 🤪

Well Done Harry!

Massive congratulations to Harry Rush who won 1st place in the Under 12 – 1 metre Equijump Spring tour 2021 . He was presented with this award at the weekend at the Pony Awards night.

Marine Biodiversity 🐋🐟🐙🦑

We really enjoyed our guest speaker Mairead O’Donovan from Explorers Education Programme.

Cooking Competition!

We have a great class of Masterchefs! We cooked up some savoury dishes this month and we absolutely loved this challenge. Again, to prepare we wrote up our recipe first. We have learned so much from this experience and we hope to do more cooking ourselves. We would like to thank Mr. Colreavy and Margaret for judging and giving us the opportunity to participate in this initiative.

February 2022

St Brigid’s Day Crosses

Thanks to Laura Lane for brining in rushes to school. We enjoyed the challenge of making Brigid’s day Crosses.

6th Class Bake Off!👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳

We had a Baking Competition in 6th class this month. We absolutely loved preparing for this day. To prepare, we looked up recipe writing and various ideas on what we could bake to bring in. Thanks to our judges – Mr. Colreavy, Margaret , and Kayden Loftus. It was a really enjoyable day. We really enjoyed the treats and the effort everyone who participated put into this. It is a great skill to have. 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳Well done everyone 👏🏻


We read the poem ‘On Top of Mount Everest’. We really enjoyed the images this poem portrayed.


We really enjoyed our Drama lesson. We based out Drama lesson from the poem we studied. We created still image, motion with out words and motion with words.

January 2022

New years resolutions

We started off the first few days back to school, making resolutions and goals for the year 2022.


We worked on 2D shapes this month. We constructed various 2D shapes to identify the properties of each shape and we also integrated angles and symmetry into this topic.

Fresh today presentations

We were extremely busy with project work this month. We created amazing PowerPoints both at home and at school for our meeting with Ken Horgan from Fresh today. We were able to send our projects to one another both at home and at school through our platform google classroom. We worked really hard on these projects and we were delighted with the feedback we got.

Football Tournament

Thanks to Mr.Higgins for organising and refereeing the football tournament.

We are extremely lucky and delighted to get the opportunity to play in the tournament!


We loved experimenting with weaving and print. We enjoyed making coats/bodies for our dog pieces. They looked cool!

December 2021

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Break and wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us in 6th Class.


We really enjoyed a relaxing last day before our Christmas holidays. We enjoyed some hot chocolate and treats while playing games/ Christmas activities.


We loved decorating our classroom for Christmas this year and enjoyed helping Miss Kerins hang our art work around the room.

Advent Calendar/ Kindness Calendar

We all created our own Kindness calendar. We focused on kind gestures/activities we could do this December to help a friend/ family member/etc.

SESE – Christmas around the world

We studied Christmas around the world. In our groups we choose a different location to study their traditions. We loved exploring and finding out how various countries/cultures celebrate Christmas time.


We have recently been getting the new issue of The Primary Planet. It is a magazine that is issued monthly to our class. The magazine contains various pieces of recent news/facts/information happening around the world everyday. The activities are great and we complete a quiz each week as a class on their website.

https://www.theprimaryplanet.ie/ – Here is a link to the website, there are many activities quizzes each week to take part in.

Active Flag:

Well done to Alex, who won the Slogan competition in the school for our Active Flag. Excellent work Alex 👏🏻

We’ve had a busy November. We are excited to show you what we have got up to this month.

Professional Photographs – Music Generation Sligo

We have been LOVING music generation with Carl. This month, a professional photographer, Brian Farrell, visited our classroom to take some snaps of us. The pictures look amazing and they are now posted on the Music generation Sligo website. We were delighted that our class were chosen. You can have a look at the pictures by clicking the link below. Thanks Brian & Carl!


Science week 7-14th of November

We really enjoyed science week this year. We participated in many activities, both online and in class throughout the week. This year, Science week focused on the theme of ‘Creating a Better Future’. We watched live streams online including demonstrations and exhibitions. We really enjoyed the live show streamed from YouTube featuring the worlds fastest Paralympian on the planet and the Junior Einstein’s science club hosted by John Sharpson. For Science week, while we carried out various experiments, our main focus was to carry out a STEAM project on how we think we could build a better future -we focused on schools. We loved making these projects.

Well done to Laura Lane who visited the Sligo IT during Science week. She created this wonderful piece and explained to the class how it was made. Excellent work Laura! Laura explains below about her piece:

“This piece is called a crank shaft. A crank shaft can move in many different motions, up and down, back and fourth and around. When I went to Sligo I.T during Science week, I met a teacher there at a stall, who was both an engineer and an artist. He taught us about crank shafts and how to make them. This crank shaft is moved by spinning a lever around by hand. Fun Fact: Every car engine has a crank shaft.”


We have been working on fractions this month. We completed stations, games on interactive white board/ flashcards etc. We are really happy with our progress on fractions this month.


Clay was one of our strands this month. We created simple techniques to make photo frames. We then studied the artists Van Gough and Monet for inspiration as we painted our pieces within our frames. Finally, we created mini Van Gough and mini Monet inspired pieces.

We also created our Christmas own jumpers. We had to guess what jumper Ryan Tubridy was going to wear on this years Late Late Toy Show. We had great fun creating and brainstorming different ideas. We were looking forward to watching and to find out who had the closest jumper to Ryan’s.

We also created 3-D snowflakes using 6 sheets of coloured/white paper. We loved how these turned out and they were very enjoyable to make. Our houses’ are covered in these snowflakes at home too! They look beautiful hanging in our classroom.

Active Flag

We have been contributing towards achieving our active flag this month by completing the ‘Morning Mile’ each morning. We are really enjoying this initiative. We will be completing a range of activities to make sure we are staying fit this winter and contributing as a class towards achieving our active flag!

October 2021

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and Midterm Break!! Check out our fancy dress Halloween costumes below and what we got up to for the month of October . We put great effort into our costumes this year.

Well done to Noah Hartigan, Laura Lane & Oisin Dunne who won our three class prizes for their costumes!


We created sugar skulls. We used a variety of colour to make our skulls and were really happy with how they turned out! We were learning about the Mexican tradition El Día de los Muertos – The day of the dead – which is a tradition to celebrate and honour the dead.

We explored colour value with the next piece we did. We created spider webs. We picked 8 colours for our web and for each section of the row we made the colour lighter each time. To make the colour darker we added smaller amounts of black and to make the colour lighter we used a small amount of white. We LOVE how these came out, they looked amazing hanging in our classroom.

More of our Halloween Art Silhouettes.

Google Classroom

We have started using two new online platforms in 6th Class – Google classroom and Spellings for me. We have been using google classroom at home and at school. To practice, we have been using google classroom for our homework. Our teachers posts homework every evening and we then have access to this when we go home. When we get confident using this we will start doing group projects etc.

Spellings for Me

We are using a brand new spelling programme this year in 6th Class. Spellings for me is an online indivdualised programme. The children complete a series of tests each day which generates their learning words. (The words that they spell incorrectly). This focuses on the child’s ability rather than their class level. We have attached a link to their website for you to read more about how we are learning our spellings. https://www.spellingsforme.ie/

Snapshots of September in Sixth!

Welcome to Sixth Class. We have had a very busy month. We are working extremely hard so far this year and we can’t wait to show you all of the amazing work we have done.


The topics that we have been learning this month are Mé Féin agus Bia. We have been practicing our oral language development as Gaeilge through games in our pods, writing our own questions and conversations in pairs – ‘Agallamh Beirte‘. We have gained great confidence speaking as Gaeilge in front of our classmates.


Pat has been with us this month teaching us Gaelic skills. We have been working on our kicking, catching, passing, co-ordination and balancing skills. Pat has shown us how to work effectively as part of a team and we cannot wait to further develop our skills!

Warm up – Skipping & High Knees

Music Generation

We have been very fortunate to have Carl from ‘Music Generation Sligo’ in our school every Friday. The instrument we have been learning to play this term is the guitar. Carl has been teaching us many new skills on the guitar. We have learnt four tunes so far, our favourite being ‘I Got a Feeling’. We are LOVING these lessons and we sound like absolute rockstars, so we cannot wait to learn more tunes with Carl.


We have shown our teacher how talented we are at art with the amazing pieces we have all created. We completed a Picasso inspired drawing. We loved how they turned out!

We also based one of our art lessons on the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds to celebrate International Dot day. We really enjoyed this story and resonated with the message this story portrayed.


We have been challenged to a STEM activity this month. A STEM challenge is project work that allows us to explore, test and design using Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. We learned to be creative, innovative and think logically about our task. We also worked really hard as a team. Each group had a leader to delegate the roles. We completed this challenge over two lessons. The first lesson we planned and constructed within our pods. In the second lesson we tested out our rollercoasters for our classmates and teacher. We had great fun with this challenge.

Our task was to build a rollercoaster using: paper, tape, scissors and corrugated cardboard.

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

We created posters to make everyone in our school aware of Recycling. We wanted to show how important it is to put rubbish in the correct bin. We went to each classroom with these posters to show what students should be putting into their general waste bin and recycling bin. We have attached a really useful website below with more information on recycling.