School Tour 2022

We had a brilliant day out at the Let’s Go Camp in Sligo for our school tour this year.

We were very fortunate the weather was dry and warm to allow us to take part in all the fun activities………


GRRRRRR! by Rob Bidulph

Fred has won the contest for best bear in the wood for three years in a row. He’s the best at everything from catching fish, doing the hula-hoop and scaring humans, to the all-important growling competition. But everything changes when another bear arrives and decides to enter the contest.

We set up the bears contest in our small world area…..


Our theme for March was Gardening/Spring.

We had lots of fun getting creative with the playdough and planting seeds and flowers in our sand area…….

In our construction area, the children were given the challenge to design some shelves for the garden centre ….

And the children have had great fun in our Garden Centre Role Play Area….

The Garden Centre

February Fun!

We have been busy bees in the Rainbow Room this month!
Our theme for the month was ‘Sport’ and we have been learning about the Olympics and how important exercise is for our bodies and health.