St. Brigid’s day

On 1st February, we celebrated St. Brigid’s day. We worked with a partner to make a St. Brigid’s cross from paper. We really enjoyed this challenge and were delighted with our completed crosses.

Fun with Fifth!

This year we are working very hard towards our Active Schools Flag. In 2nd Class A, we have been making an extra special effort to get active and moving! Every Tuesday, students in fifth class have been coming to our playground at break time to teach us some new games. Our favourite game so far is Red Light Green Light and we look forward to learning more in the weeks ahead!

Chinese lanterns

In English, we have been reading all about the Chinese Lantern Festival. We learned that this festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year Festival. At the end of the festival the lanterns are taken down which marks the start of spring. In Art, we had great fun designing and making our own Chinese lanterns.

Traffic tally

In 2nd Class A, we have been learning about data. We decided to carry out a survey to find out the amount of traffic on the road outside our school. We recorded our results using a tally chart. On a cold and frosty morning, we had great fun counting all the vehicles that passed our gate. We discovered that cars were the most popular type of vehicle!