The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly in S.E.S.E. We got to watch our own butterflies change from caterpillars – chrysalis – butterflies in the classroom. Once they changed into butterflies we got to release them in the park. Ms. Golden let us play in the playground after.

Literacy Stations

Easter Time!

We had so much fun in the run up to Easter. We even got to do an Easter Egg Hunt in school!

Maths – Time

In maths we have been learning all about Time – o’clock and half past. We have been working so hard on this topic and have really improved with telling the time. During one of our stations we also got to make our own clocks to help us with our work.

Lá Glas

We had been reading ‘Spring Picnic Planning’ and decided to go outside and have our own one on Lá Glas.

Back to School

We are so happy to finally be back in school. We have settled in so well since returning and we are doing lots of great work for our teacher.

Art Work

We did a lot of work on the Aurora Borealis before Christmas. We used the topic as inspiration for our art, using chalk and black card to create this amazing work.