Science Week 2020

Rainbow Skittles

Germ Experiment

For this experiment each pod received a slice of bread. One group had just washed their hands, another group had just sanitized their hands, another group did not wash their hands and the last group rubbed the bread on their tables.

STEM – Marshmallow Structures


We had so much fun in the run up to Halloween. We dressed up in scary costumes and played Halloween games outside. We got to make chocolate apples and we also made so cool Halloween art.

Visual Arts

We have created some amazing art work over the past few months. Take a look at some of them below.

First Class B

Hi everyone and welcome to our Class Blog. We hope you enjoy looking at our work and some of the fun we have had so far this year.

All About Us

Below are our Rainbow Clouds that we made in September. On each colour of the rainbow we have used an adjective to describe ourselves. Some include: funny, happy, sporty, brave, silly, caring, smart and handsome. We will keep them up for the whole year as a daily reminder.