Science Club Week 4

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12th December 2018

On Wednesday we had our final Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf Science Club of 2018!

Ms Hickey would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended the SMAI Science Club over the past four weeks. There has been a terrific turnout and it is great to see such a keen interest in science within the school!!!

As well as learning about our scientist, element, animal and constellation of the week we also explored the signs of the zodiac. We made note of each of the 12 signs and found out what our own sign was!!!

Science Club Week 4:

Scientist of the Week: Marie Curie (pioneer work in radiation. Won two Nobel Prizes!)

Element of the Week: Curium (Discovered in 1944, named after Marie and Pierre Curie)

Animal of the Week: Kakapo (did you know they are a critically endangered species of parrot native to New Zealand)

Constellation of the Week: Libra (zodiac sign for the dates September 23- October 23)

Our experiment of the week this week was…The Naked Egg Experiment!! Our aim was to remove the hard shell from a raw egg!! Messy you would think but we had a plan!! 

1.We began by collecting empty, clean jam jars with lids.

2.We very carefully placed a raw egg into the jar and then filled the jar with vinegar (make sure the egg is totally covered).

Egg submerged in vinegar

3.You immediately notice bubbles coming off the egg shell. This is because the acid (acetic acid) from the vinegar is dissolving the egg shell which is made of calcium carbonate. Those bubbles are actually bubbles of carbon dioxide! They are formed during a chemical reaction between the acid, the calcium carbonate and the water from the vinegar.

Bubbles of carbon dioxide on the egg shell show that the acid is dissolving the calcium carbonate (shell)

4.The eggs are left at the bottom of Ms Hickey’s room in the vinegar solution for one week. 

5.Next Wednesday we will check the eggs, remove and wash them of the vinegar and investigate the texture of the naked egg. 

The naked egg should be elastic and quite bouncy. We should also be able to see the yolk sac inside the membrane!!

We will post some photos and show you the results…

Stay tuned for more…