Merry Christmas

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We are very busy in third class getting ready for Christmas.
Our decorations are up, our elf has arrived and it’s officially ONE WEEK until CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

Lets take a look around our classroom…
First, Ms. Golden handed us a triangle each to decorate. We then coloured them in different shades of green. We added all of our triangles together and placed them on a purple background to create a Christmas Tree display for our classroom door.  It looks soooooo good!

Our classroom door, what do you think?

We also learned how to make paper snowflakes. We have lost count of how many we have made now, they are so easy once you know how to do it. We used some of them to decorate the door and windows in our classroom. 

Take a look at our Christmas tree and fireplace that Ms. Golden put up for us. She made the fireplace out of old cardboard boxes. She did a lovely job.

Can you spot our elf?

Sligo Christmas Homeless Appeal

Currently in Sligo  there are over 60 adults and 30 children homeless this Christmas, because of this third class wanted to help. We have been collecting clothes, bathroom supplies, toys, sweets and long life foods for the past few weeks. 
We are very happy to be involved in this years Christmas Appeal and we would like to thank all of the parents and children who have helped us.
We are making a difference. 

Some of the items we have collected so far.

Thank you for checking in, we will have more updates soon! 
Slán and Merry Christmas.