Our Project Work

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Our Egypt Display

For the month of October our theme was “Egypt”.  We learned so much about the Country, Ancient Egypt and we even learned how to write our names in hieroglyphics! 
We enjoyed the topic so much that we decided to complete group projects on different aspects of Egyptian life.

Each table was given a different area to research and study,  we decided to break into pairs to make our first project of the year a little easier. We learned so much from each other. We were given one week to do this and then we presented the projects to the rest of the class.

Did you know: It would take around  70 days to turn a body into a mummy.


For the month of November our theme was “Space”. As a class we really enjoyed this topic we did so much research even Ms. Golden learned something new from us. Lots of people love space. A few days later Hannah and Leon made PowerPoint Presentations and we learned so much from them. 

Here is a little rhyme to help you remember all 8 planets:
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos.

Each person in the class then made their own projects. We each chose one  planet to study and we then presented them to the class. We also got to show them to 4th and 6th class as well as our Principal Mr. Colreavy during our November Assembly. It was nice to show off our hard work! Take a look at some of project work below.

Our space projects are out of this world!
We each wrote an Acrostic Poem with the name of a planet onto the rockets as part of a literacy lesson. 
We also brought our theme of space into Art and created these paper mache planets.

Did you know:
1.3 million planet Earths can fit inside the sun.  

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our projects. We can’t wait to do more! 
Check in again soon!
Slán for now.