G’day Mates… Crikey! It’s January!!!

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This month our theme is “Australia” . As usual we have the VIP table but we have four other names to match our theme they are : The Platypus group, The Kangaroo group , The Koala group and The Shark group.

The Platypus Group
The Shark Group
The Kangaroo Group
The Koala Group

We are learning all about the history of Australia and the aboriginal people. We are also doing Australian art , learning an Australian song and creating an Australian project using the school laptops. We have bamboo, some trees and other decorations all around our classroom to make it look like we are “Down Under” (Australia).

It’s feeling a little ‘jungle-like’in here!
Our door

Class News:

Every week for homework we have to research and create a news piece, which we then present to our class on Friday morning. There have been some excellent, imaginative presentations including television screens made from cardboard boxes, a microphone made from silver paper and toilet-roll holders and dioramas too!!!

Bottle Cap Mural:

To help the environment,we have decided to create another piece of artwork by recycling plastic bottle caps. This year our mural will be of the school name and logo. It will be on display next to the one last year’s fifth class made when it is finished. If you have any plastic bottle caps at home or work, we would appreciate if you could kindly bring them in to us. Thank you.

We are halfway there!! We aim to be finished by the end of the month! Wait until you see the finished masterpiece!

G.A.A and football is back!

Our school G.A.A training will begin again on Mondays and Thursdays with Mr Higgins and Ms Mulvaney. A five aside soccer tournament and mini-sevens matches will also happening in the coming weeks.

The Student Independent

As of this week Scoil Mhure agus Iosaf have our very own school news paper.This news paper will be called the student independent and will be available to read on the school website. There is a newspaper committee, with approximately 30 members from fifth and sixth class. Some of the features will include a sports section, a comic and joke section, as well as a science and technology section.

In February, our teacher Ms Hickey, will be going on maternity leave. We will have a new teacher joining us in fifth class. This teacher is … a surprise! You will have to come back to our blog in February to find out 🙂

Slan, Grazie, Dziekuje!