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Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Extreme Weather. It is really interesting . We have learned about droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Ms. Golden showed us lots of amazing videos and fun facts on all types of Extreme Weather. Ms. Golden then gave us the task of researching into an Extreme Weather of our choice to do a project on. There were some great turn outs.

Experiment Time
After that we done an experiment to find out how much rain falls in our playground. The experiment was called “Which part of the yard is the wettest?”
This is what you have to do:

Our Rain Gauges
  1. Cut the top off a plastic bottle (around one third).
  2. Place the top upside down in the bottom part of the bottle and secure with tape.
  3. Make at least 3 of them and put them in different places on the yard.
  4. In a weeks time check them and see which bottle has the most water in it. Measure using a ruler.

Weather Tools
We also learned about different weather tools.
Thermometer: This measures temperature.
Anemometer: This measures wind speed.
Wind Vane: This measures wind direction.
Rain Gauge: This measures rainfall.

Did you know: A tornado is a rapid spinning tube of air that touches both ground and a cloud above.

Did you know: A drought is a very extreme heat wave.

Did you know: A blizzard is a long lasting snowstorm. Flooding can occur if the snow melts quickly.

Thanks for checking in 🙂