Interview with Ms. Gallagher

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Do you think the Senior Infants have come on a lot this year? Yes, they have been working very hard all year!!
In your opinion do you think Senior Infants are ready for 1st class? Definitely they will be the best 1st class ever!!
Have you seen a change in the Senior Infants comparing to last year? They have grown up so much!!
Do you prefer teaching in the Junior or Senior school? I like both! I was a long time in the junior school, so it is hard to say, I have not been teaching long in the senior school.
Is Senior Infants an easy class to teach/handle? You need plenty of patience and a loud voice!!
Is being vice principal a big responsibility? Yes, but I really enjoy it!!
Have you always dreamed of becoming a teacher? I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was in primary school myself
What is your favourite subject to teach? P.E. and Aistear because they are fun and enjoyable!!
Have you always taught the younger classes? No when I stated teaching I had 5th and 6th classes.
Have you enjoyed teaching Senior Infants this year? Yes, they have been a great class to teach!!

By Alianna Taheny and Roisin Hanratty