Interview with Senior Infants

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What was your favourite thing you have done all year? Aistear (with is different things at each table for example there could be art at one table and Ipads at another and every so often you switch tables)
What is your favourite activity to do throughout the day? We really enjoyed maths and really any activity that is given to us!!
Did you prefer Junior or Senior Infants? Everyone preferred Senior Infants mainly because of the new people.
Did you prefer the Senior or junior school? We preferred the Senior school because it is bigger and there is more yard space.
Are you looking forward to having a new teacher for the first time ever? Some of them are very excited and some not so much because they all love their teacher Mrs Gallagher.
Will you miss 6th class next year when they are in secondary school? Yes because they have set the most amazing example for all of us.
Are you nervous for 1st class? Yes but knowing we have such a good teacher next year helps!!
Have you done a lot of work this year? Yes and junk art and news have been really fun to do
Have you met a lot of new friends this year? Yes and not just from their class but from lots of different classes
Have you enjoyed Senior Infants? Yes 100%!!!!
By Alianna Taheny and Roisin Hanratty