6th Class Memories

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We have reached our final days here at Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf and we are so excited to be leaving, even though we will miss you all. We have been reminiscing about our time spent here and all the wonderful memories we have. Please take the time to read some of them below:

My favourite memory in primary school was when I was in 5th class. The day was so hot and sunny that some teachers went down to the shop and bought all the children an ice-cream. We ate these outside and it was just brilliant. Afterwards we got to spend an extra hour outside playing. This was the best day ever! (Jack Mahon)

One of my favourite memories was when by best friend Conor brought his pony to school. He rode it around the green area and I thought this was deadly. Afterwards we got to feed the pony and it was cool being so close to it. I will always remember that day. (Colm Mc Morrow)

My favourite time in primary school was when I was in 3rd class. I brought my pony into school. I rode him around the pitch beside the school. Everybody got to come up and rub him and I was so proud to show him off. That was one of the best days I had in primary school. Thank you to all the staff at Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf. (Conor Gilmartin)

My favourite memory in primary school was when I was in 5th class. It was so hot outside that the teachers decided to get all of us some ice cream. We all lined up for it and then we were allowed to stay out for a long time. I played tip the can with my friends. I really enjoyed this day. (Sorcha Mc Gowan)

I have a few lasting memories from my 8 years here! Firstly, my favourite memory was when Jayden asked Mr. Higgins “What type of rocks are under the sea?” and Mr. Higgins said “Wet ones!!!”. Next, was around the time Ian fell in a pile of muck and he and he had to get a new pair of trousers. I called him the “Muck Monster”. Also, I thought the time my shoe got stuck up on the roof was very funny. Finally, when Colm tried to do the worm in 5th class and we all thought he was a dying fish! Thanks for all of those memories especially Colm’s!!!! (Clive Conway)

My favourite memory from Primary school was when we went to Baysports, Athlone for our school tour. It was great fun on the bouncy castles and sliding down into the water. My favourite slide was the Viking slide. This was a brilliant day and a memory I will always have. ( Ethan Doherty)

My favourite memory would have to be getting to be one of the captains for this years Cumann na mBunscol competition. Daire Doherty and I were chosen by Mr. Higgins to be this years captains. We made it to the semi-final but unfortunately lost to Ransboro. I really enjoyed my time playing for the school and being coached/taught by Mr. Higgins. However, I disliked to see a Shamrock Gaels man coaching Owenmore Gaels players! I hope I can do just as well next year in secondary school. Thanks to Mr. Higgins for I am now a much more confident and better sports player. ( Robert Callaghan)

My favourite memory is from Music Generation. I was in a group with Róisín and Robert and we had to compose a piece of music. This piece had to sound like an animal and we chose to do a snake. We worked very hard on this for a few weeks as we were going to perform in a concert in the Teeling Centre. When the time came we were third to go up and perform. I was very nervous but I thought of how much effort we had all put into it so I knew everything would be OK. And it was!!! I was so happy how it turned out and best of all it sounded great. (Niall Quigley)

My absolute best and favourite memory is when I made friends with Lee Stead in 1st class. We don’t know the exact details of what we did that day but we both know that it started with us talking about Lego. We were asked to sit beside each other and we instantly started talking. I like this memory because it makes me confident that I can make friends just as easily as this in secondary school. (Kai Fagan)

My memory

It was the day of the student council election.   I was very nervous going up to say my speech. Mainly because my speech didn’t save 🙁 and I  had to make it up on the spot).  It was very close between me and another boy in my class. But somehow I got elected. It’s really cool to speak  for your class and that is why it’s my favourite memory .  :). (Jack Cashman)

My favourite memory from school is when I lost my first tooth. After a basketball lesson, I was putting a basketball back into a crate when it bounced up and hit me on the chin. My tooth fell out! At home time I was so excited to tell my Dad that it fell out of my hand and went under my Dads car. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to find it. Eventually I got it back from under the car a few minutes later. When I got home I put it straight under my pillow for the tooth fairy. (Ian Gallagher)

My Time in Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf

This year was very special for me. I learned a lot about maths: I finally learned how to add with decimals. Add, multiply and divide with fractions. I really enjoyed Music Generation and I now can play on a keyboard and I’m practising every day. I also enjoyed orienteering, I really liked that. It started off in the classroom, then outside and then on the green beside the school and finally in Union Wood. Even though we got lost in Ballygawley Woods and came 2nd last but I don’t care I’m a winner in my own heart. Finally I would like to say a few words about our 2 special turtles called Jeff and Rosey. I like them. We only got to have them in our classroom them a week ago. I think I did good in both my tests. I really liked my year in 6th class. (Marty Daskalov)

My favourite memory in primary school is when I repeated 6th class. I knew everyone in the class and I knew all the girls in the class aswell. Chloe, Eirnn, Martyna, Jessica and Sorcha helped me fit in with the other pupils. I really enjoyed this year in primary school. (Chantelle Cawley)

My favourite memory in primary school happened on one of the last days of school in 5th class. Our class had this crazy idea to switch classrooms with 4th class to prank Mr. Higgins. At break time after the bell rang, we snuck into the 4th class’ room while 4th class went into ours. It took Mr. Higgins a while to get back to his classroom but his reaction was priceless! Daire Doherty even hid under Mr. Higgins’ desk! It was the best (and funniest) day ever! (Martyna Weclawowicz)

My favourite memory in primary school was when we did orienteering. We went to Union Wood. It was a rainy day. We went all around Union Wood and by the time we got back, our legs were in so much pain. Even though it was an awful day, I had so much fun. (Chloe Downey)

My favourite memory in primary school is when Mr Higgins asked  me what 11 x 11 is and I said 124. Mr Higgins told me that it was 121 and I have never forgotten it since that day. (Eirnn Gethins)

My favourite memory is when we switched classrooms with 4th class. Ms Hickey knew what was going on so we did not need to prank her. 5th Class went into the 4th class classroom and 4th went into 5th. When Mr. Higgins returned to class after break he came back shouting and when he realised we were the wrong class he started to burst out laughing and we all went back to the classroom. (Emma Walsh)

It was a very hot and sunny day and we had just finished a Cumann na mBunscol match. We were all very hot and tired, so I decided to pour a bottle of water on Roisin while she done the splits. She was a bit annoyed at first but then she started to laugh it was so funny. It turned into a full-on water-fight. It was so much fun!!!! (Roisin Hanratty)

My favourite memory in school is when there was a huge basketball match with teachers v 6th and 5th class. Everyone brought their chairs out and placed them around the basketball court. The teachers all dressed up as famous basketball players, they even wore wigs!! Even though I was only watching and the teachers won it was still one of the best days in school!! (Alianna Taheny)

My favourite memory from primary school is from 5th class. It was a sunny day and fifth and sixth class decided to play a 5th v 6th soccer match. This was just before 6th left the school. It was so much fun we played multiple matches and I’m sure 5th won at least one of those matches. I chose this memory because it makes me happy. (Róisín Mooney)

My favourite memory from primary school is from the school tour in 5th class. We went surfing and every time I tried to stand up on the  surfboard  I kept falling off because my friend Sorcha’s board kept magically appearing out of nowhere. It was a really good day and I really enjoyed it and I picked this memory because it makes me happy. (Jessica McManus)

My favourite memory from primary school was when Mrs. McLoughlin and Mr. O’Meara went to the shop to get wafers and ice-cream for all the children. Later on we got orange juice. We got an hour of extra time and we saw two balloons floating in the sky. I chose this memory because it was such a fun day. (Amber O’Beirne)

My favourite memory is from 5th class. There was a Gaelic tournament organised and our team made it to the final. We were playing against a team my brother Alex was on and he kept on to me about it before the match had even started! I knew they had a lot of good players. Then the day finally came, and against all odds, we won! I hadn’t taken part in all of the tournament, so it was a huge achievement and I was thrilled we had won. (Aaron Daly)

My favourite memory has to be my first day at school. I don’t remember it that well but I did meet my friends Daire, Niall, Conor, Ian, Robert and Clive. Our teacher was called Miss Brennan. When I joined our school it was called St. Josephs. Our classroom was where Senior Infants are now. I will never forget this special day. (Lee Stead)

My favourite memory in primary school was when we were in fifth class and Ms McLoughlin was our teacher. We were learning all about food in Irish and how to make recipes. So Ms McLoughlin made a deal with us. The deal was that she would make us Spaghetti Bolognese if we wrote the recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese in Irish. The next day she brought the ingredients and a hob into school and she made one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had. We then made the recipes in Irish, like we promised. (Daire Doherty)

We hope you enjoyed reading our memories. We would like to say a huge thank to all the teachers and staff at Scoil Mhuire agus Iosaf and of course our families for getting us through the past few years.