Who needs paint trays anyway?

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This week’s art lesson with our student teacher, Ms Golden was a circus themed paint lesson!

Each of the children painted their own clown character using a variety of colours and achieved different tones and shades by mixing their colours with white and black. When the paintings were dry, the clowns were very carefully cut out and paste onto a bright, colourful A3 page. For the finishing touch, each pupil added some wool as hair 🙂

Deciding to do things a little different, we decided not to use paint trays, newspaper or paper plates minimising the amount of water and waste after the lesson. Instead, the paint was carefully applied directly onto the tables.

What a shock to the pupils!!! They thought the teacher’s were crazy blobbing paint directly onto the clean desks.

They really enjoyed this alternative to trays and plates and overall it worked out much better and was surprisingly very easy and quick to clean up, with very little mess!