September in Rang a Haon

It has been a busy month in First Class. We have been learning lots and working very hard for our teacher. Take a look at some of the things we have been getting up to below. Make sure to check in each month for an update.

Welcome to our classroom.

We are so lucky to have Pat Kilcoyne coming into us each week for GAA skills. We are really enjoying the lessons.

Literacy Stations
We have been doing lots of work in literacy this month. We do stations twice a week where we work on different topics like; reading, phonics, handwriting, dictation, grammar, oral language and spellings.

Science – The Five Senses
For science this month we have been learning about the five senses. We have done a lot of work on this topic. We went on a senses walk around our school and recorded different things we could see, hear, smell and touch. We also completed two experiments usings our sense of touch and smell.

For the experiement using our sense of touch we had to feel random items without looking at them and guess what they were. We then put on gloves and touched the same items again to see if wearing a glove changed the way we felt them.

We have been trying out different ways to add two and three numbers together. (Using our number lines, our fingers and counting in our heads). We are getting so much quicker at this now. Last week we moved onto 2D shapes. We had a shape hunt around the classroom and school yards. We have also been playing lots of games to help us remember the names of the shapes.

We completed our self portraits at the beginning of September. They are now framed for any visitors to see when they enter our room.