October 2021

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We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and Midterm Break!! Check out our fancy dress Halloween costumes below and what we got up to for the month of October . We put great effort into our costumes this year.

Well done to Noah Hartigan, Laura Lane & Oisin Dunne who won our three class prizes for their costumes!


We created sugar skulls. We used a variety of colour to make our skulls and were really happy with how they turned out! We were learning about the Mexican tradition El Día de los Muertos – The day of the dead – which is a tradition to celebrate and honour the dead.

We explored colour value with the next piece we did. We created spider webs. We picked 8 colours for our web and for each section of the row we made the colour lighter each time. To make the colour darker we added smaller amounts of black and to make the colour lighter we used a small amount of white. We LOVE how these came out, they looked amazing hanging in our classroom.

More of our Halloween Art Silhouettes.

Google Classroom

We have started using two new online platforms in 6th Class – Google classroom and Spellings for me. We have been using google classroom at home and at school. To practice, we have been using google classroom for our homework. Our teachers posts homework every evening and we then have access to this when we go home. When we get confident using this we will start doing group projects etc.

Spellings for Me

We are using a brand new spelling programme this year in 6th Class. Spellings for me is an online indivdualised programme. The children complete a series of tests each day which generates their learning words. (The words that they spell incorrectly). This focuses on the child’s ability rather than their class level. We have attached a link to their website for you to read more about how we are learning our spellings. https://www.spellingsforme.ie/