November in First Class

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Another busy month in Rang a Haon, with lots of laughter and learning. Take a look at what we have been up to.

Visual Arts 🎨
We created some beautiful artwork this month. At the beginning of November we were exploring colour and colour mixing. We really enjoyed this strand and created these fantastic colour wheel eyes at the end.

In Science we were learning about Owls. We also read Martin Waddell’s ‘Owl Babies’. We took inspiration from his story to create our own owl babies with a printing teqnique using pom poms and clothes pegs.

Houses and Homes were our overall theme for this month so we also incroporated this into our artwork. We used junk materials from home like cereal boxes, milk cartons, empty toilet rolls etc. to design and make our own houses. We are so happy with how they turned out.

Maths Stations 🧮
We have been doing literacy stations since September but this month we started doing maths stations twice a week too. WE LOVE THEM! In the pictures below we are working on some different math topics; addition, subtraction money and odd and even numbers. Our favourite station is the iPad one.

Phonics 📝
We have been working so hard on our phonics this month. Our phonics diaries are really helping us remember our sounds.

Active Flag
Our school is currently trying to earn our Active Flag. As well as our weekly P.E. activities we are trying to be active as much as possible within the classroom. We are really enjoying the Go Noodle dances and our class brain breaks.

World Kindness Day
For World Kindness Day we discussed the different ways in which we can make someone’s day a little better. We are all trying our best to be the ‘I’ in kind.