We’ve had a busy November. We are excited to show you what we have got up to this month.

Professional Photographs – Music Generation Sligo

We have been LOVING music generation with Carl. This month, a professional photographer, Brian Farrell, visited our classroom to take some snaps of us. The pictures look amazing and they are now posted on the Music generation Sligo website. We were delighted that our class were chosen. You can have a look at the pictures by clicking the link below. Thanks Brian & Carl!


Science week 7-14th of November

We really enjoyed science week this year. We participated in many activities, both online and in class throughout the week. This year, Science week focused on the theme of ‘Creating a Better Future’. We watched live streams online including demonstrations and exhibitions. We really enjoyed the live show streamed from YouTube featuring the worlds fastest Paralympian on the planet and the Junior Einstein’s science club hosted by John Sharpson. For Science week, while we carried out various experiments, our main focus was to carry out a STEAM project on how we think we could build a better future -we focused on schools. We loved making these projects.

Well done to Laura Lane who visited the Sligo IT during Science week. She created this wonderful piece and explained to the class how it was made. Excellent work Laura! Laura explains below about her piece:

“This piece is called a crank shaft. A crank shaft can move in many different motions, up and down, back and fourth and around. When I went to Sligo I.T during Science week, I met a teacher there at a stall, who was both an engineer and an artist. He taught us about crank shafts and how to make them. This crank shaft is moved by spinning a lever around by hand. Fun Fact: Every car engine has a crank shaft.”


We have been working on fractions this month. We completed stations, games on interactive white board/ flashcards etc. We are really happy with our progress on fractions this month.


Clay was one of our strands this month. We created simple techniques to make photo frames. We then studied the artists Van Gough and Monet for inspiration as we painted our pieces within our frames. Finally, we created mini Van Gough and mini Monet inspired pieces.

We also created our Christmas own jumpers. We had to guess what jumper Ryan Tubridy was going to wear on this years Late Late Toy Show. We had great fun creating and brainstorming different ideas. We were looking forward to watching and to find out who had the closest jumper to Ryan’s.

We also created 3-D snowflakes using 6 sheets of coloured/white paper. We loved how these turned out and they were very enjoyable to make. Our houses’ are covered in these snowflakes at home too! They look beautiful hanging in our classroom.

Active Flag

We have been contributing towards achieving our active flag this month by completing the ‘Morning Mile’ each morning. We are really enjoying this initiative. We will be completing a range of activities to make sure we are staying fit this winter and contributing as a class towards achieving our active flag!