January – 2022

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Take a look at some of our January highlights below. We have had another wonderful month in First Class.

Show & Tell
When we returned to school in January we were so excited to share our news about the holidays. On the Friday we got to bring a new or old toy into school and tell the class about it. We had so much fun.

S.E.S.E. – Games in the Past
For history this month we have been learning about different games from the past. We found out that we still play some of them today.
We particularly enjoyed getting to play some of these games in school.

Below the children are playing hopscotch and pass the parcel.

Pass the Parcel was a big hit!

S.E.S.E. – The First Teddy Bear
We also got to learn about the teddy bear this month. Did you know the teddy bear was created by the Steiff family in Germany? And that the stuffed bear is named after the American President Theodore Roosevelt. We brought in some of our own Teddy Bears to show the class.

S.E.S.E. – Toys from Around the World
For Geography this month we got to explore toys from around the world. Our class favourites were the Matryoshka Dolls (Russia), Rubik’s Cubes (Hungary) and the Tamagotchi (Japan).

Maths – Tens and Units
We have been working hard on our Tens and Units this month. Station work and interactive games are really helping us grasp this topic.

Some of us were shocked to learn that January is actually a winter month. We decided to do one more piece of winter art before we move into Spring.
We created this piece using, drawing, paint and colour.

It is currently Catholic Schools Week this week and to celebrate Grandparetns Day which falls on the Wednesday we have created a special little gift for them in our art lesson.
We used clay and paint to make these candle holders for our Grandparents and really hope they like them.