November in 6th Class

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We had a very busy November in 6th Class, which was dominated by an excellent Science week. The students took it upon themselves to set up and organize a science experiment demonstration day for the whole school.

There was also a combined history/drama project, which challenged the students to become ‘Moving Statues’ – whenever their button was pushed, the students would come to life and tell their chosen historical character’s story, and answer questions in the role also.

We also had some amazing leftover photos of some Halloween outfits to show off – apologies they’re only appearing now, but they’re too good not to share (however late they may be).

We also enjoyed the start of the runs around the astro pitch, which is a really important fundraising initiative. Despite the inclement weather, the community came along to cheer on the start of the school’s ambition to run a combined (…..insane amount of kilometers!) together.

At the start of the month, we had so much fun using maths outside to learn. It was really nice to get out and about to measure, observe and calculate all the maths that is right on our doorstep. The class also completed some maths tests in class, and the class average was probably the highest I can remember recording for a class at this stage of the year. I can only praise the students, parents and past teachers for instilling such wonderful maths brains into this class – superb results!

To wrap things up at the end of this month, 6th Class put on a ‘Moving Statues’ drama/history project. Each student was tasked with researching an important historical figure (dead or alive) that meant something to them. They then had to perform as that character when the other classes came to visit 6th Class – but only once the visiting child stepped on the statue’s button. It really was great fun, and a lot of amazing performances were enjoyed by all.

6th Class look forward to a brilliant December with a new teacher, Ms. Kelly. We’re sure it will be a fantastic last month of the year.

Speaking on my own behalf (Mr Gannon speaking here), it was a privilege to have been the teacher for this class from the start of the year. The class is brimming with talent and capable students. I have no doubt they all have wonderful futures ahead of them. From the bottom of my heart, I wish only the very best to you all.

Drama lesson fun.
Not your regular group photo, but a great time was had by all!
A maths group helping each other out to complete the trail as fast as possible.
Maths trail fun.
The maths trail incorporated calculating the average time of a group to sprint the width of the new astro pitch.
6th Class were brilliant explaining the science to the younger classes.
Mr Colreavy inspecting a science experiment demonstrating atmospheric pressure and vacuums.
Gas craic.
All smiles for the maths trail. Nice to get out of class and see maths in the world all around us.
Can you spot a proud grandmother in the background as the girls complete the maths trail?
Beware of the lava! Fantastic use of clay to help demonstrate that art + science = great learning and fun!
Great smiles for the production of carbon dioxide (which filled the blue balloon)
Running the first laps of the sponsored K-a-day!
Setting up the experiments for Science Demonstration Day.
Amelia Earhart, Britney Spears, Charles Dickens and Bob Ross come to life!
Muhammad Ali tells his life story and then gets stung by some little butterfly punches.
Nikola Tesla stays frozen as a statue as Michael Collins comes to life to educate and entertain the younger class.
The two heavyweight contenders of the school this year!