Local Park Vs Housing Estate (Science/Geography)

In SESE, we looked at places in our community that are used by people everyday and how they were created. We walked to the local park to answer these following Qs…..what colours we saw, were there any plants/animals, what materials could they see in that area, is it natural/ manmade? We continued to walk to Riverwalk Housing Estate and answered the same Qs in our Explore With me Activity Book.

Sean Nós Dancing (P.E.)

We have been learning Sean Nós dancing every Friday afternoon for the past 5 weeks with Miss Kerins. It was great fun and we really enjoyed learning all the different steps. On Wednesday, the 16th March we danced in front of all the school alongside 1st and 6th class. We would like to say a huge GO RAIBH MÍLE MAITH AGAT to this very talented teacher, Miss Kerins.

Music Generation

Over the past few weeks, every Wednesday morning, we have been le how to play the ukulele 🎶🎼🎤. Our teachers name is Catherine and she is so nice. We have learned a song called Counting Stars and also doing lots of work on rhythm and beats. We know the names of notes too!! crochet, Quaver, rest, minim.

Japanese Style Gardens

In Geography, we learned all about The Japanese Gardens in Tully, Co. Kildare. We had to design a garden with as many features from this garden. We used pink crepe paper to add the blossoms to the cherry blossom trees. We hope you like them.

How our spine moves!

We learned that our spine helps us twist, bend and move. Did you know that there are 33 vertebrae in an adults spine. We did an experiment to show how this works and no, no real spines were used here😆😆!

After placing a pipe cleaner into a straw, we tried to bend and twist it but we found that it was very diff. We took the pipe cleaner out and we cut the straw into 2cm pieces. Next we thread the pipe cleaner through the smaller pieces of straw. We found that it was easier to bend and twist the straw and pipe cleaner. The smaller pieces of straw represents the vertebrae in our spine. Very simple experiment to explain this concept!!