Sixth Class School Tour 2023

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On June 1st, 2023 my class, sixth, went to Lough Key Forest Park for our school tour.

The bus ride there was really fun as the bus driver, David, put on a variety of songs for us. When we got there we went into the building and lined up along the wall. After a few minutes, we were brought into a room where we were told what we were doing.

First we went orienteering through the forest. After that, we went back to the meeting room where we had our lunch and relaxed a bit until our next activity.

We walked over to “Zip-It” and got into our harnesses. Then we went to the training course where we were told how to get onto the platform, how to get your harness onto the zip-lines, etc. After, we did our test run and we were good to go!

When Zip-it ended we went to “Boda Borg” which were a series of escape rooms. We watched a safety and instructions video, then we went on our way! My personal favorite was “The Quiz Show”. You choose the type of quiz you want e.g. fairytales, then if you get all the questions correct, you can pass to the next room where you do the same!

At the end, my friend Rebecca bought me a slush pup and we went outside. on the ride back we got the same bus, and blasted songs! it was awesome! in the shop, when we got home, my friend bought me an apple juice and we walked home

-Rebecca Conway