Something Fishy in 6th Class

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On the 25/05/23, all of 6th class went on a field trip out to Sligo Folk Park. Here’s a few bits and pieces about it.

At 11 o’ clock, 6th class, their teacher and Mr. Colreavy got on a bus out to Sligo Folk Park and met up with Marcus, Jimmy and Keiran. Mr. Colreavy was recording our voices so he could insert the audio into the documentary he’s making about fishing.

After we got there, we were divided into three groups of ten and shown three basins which were samples of the River Unshin. We were able to use tweezers and pipettes to lift different wildlife from the basins into petri-dishes to get a good look at them and identify what they were exactly.

The biological identification key we used
Markus showing us a Kick Sampling Net

Next we went across to the bridge and watched Jimmy and Kieran electrofish using a “Kick Sampling Net.” Electrofishing is shocking the fish a little bit with a rod and the fish, once shocked, will swim towards the rod to rest. Then they will lift up the rod out of the water and they’ve caught the fish.

Kieran and Jimmy using the kick sampling net in the river

The fish were brought to a large fish tank for us to observe and identify. We saw an eel, some minnow, salmon fry and also salmon parr.

Markus showing us an eel caught in the river before our arrival

In the end, we talked about what we saw and then it was time to leave. Everyone got on the bus and headed back. It was a great time for everyone.

We thoroughly enjoyed our field trip and learned so much. We would like to thank Markus, Kieran and Jimmy from Fisheries Ireland for accommodating us.