Sports Day 2023

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On June 2 was our sports day. We participated in lots of fun advents and had a great day.

We walked up to the pitch at 9.30. We did No Mans Land as our first activity. it was a lot of fun. Then we did a game called Ice-Cream where someone had an upside down cone and the others would stand behind cones and try throwing a bean bag into the cone. the girls won.

Then we played a game called SPLAT where there was a sheriff in the middle and he would shoot someone and they would have to duck on time but if they didn’t they would be out but if they did the 2 people either side of them would shout SPLAT and the winner would move on until 1 was left.

After that we played Boys vs Girls in a game of dodgeball. The boys won the first round and the girls won the second one. The last round still wasn’t finished.

The ice-cream van came and we had a dance party while we waited for our turn to get ice-cream. Some people got slushies. After we played Tug of War.

We walked back to school at 2.45 after a great day.